You Don’t Need to Call a Pro For How to replace a toilet seat

How to measure a toilet seat?

You need to replace your existing toilet seat for various reasons. For example, winter is coming now you don’t feel comfortable with your regular toilet seat. Because when you are going to use the toilet and sit down on the toilet then the super cold toilet seat shocked you. For this now you want to change the current toilet seat with the best heated toilet seat. Though replacing the toilet seat isn’t build the Great Wall but you need to know how to replace a toilet seat. For this, follow some procedures below that will make your job easy.

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What tools do I need to replace a toilet seat?

Tools are the important part of your task without tools your job will be more difficult. So when you are going to repair or replace a toilet seat then you need some tools. Here I provide a list of tools that you will need when you are replacing a toilet seat.

  1. Flat Head screwdriver
  2. Phillips-head screwdriver
  3. Plier
  4. Adjustable wrench
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Hacksaw

Observe your existing toilet seat

For every task, the first and most important part is observing. If you observe properly then you can find out the problem. After finding out the problem then it is easier to deal with the task.

So when you want to replace the toilet seat then find out why you want to replace it. If your toilet seat is broken then you need to buy a new toilet seat there are different types of toilet seats for different types of toilets. If your toilet seat lid doesn’t fit properly to the seat then you need to replace the toilet cover or fix it. Or toilet seat doesn’t fit the bowl as a resulting odor spread over the bathroom then you need to replace it.

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Senior people feel comfortable when the toilet seat is a little bit high than the standard toilet height. For a senior member, you need to replace the existing toilet seat with a raised toilet seat. Or if you want more features and advanced technology then you need a smart toilet seat.

After you use the toilet, now you are in a hurry so you have to left the bathroom as soon as possible but you can’t. Because the toilet lids slams and create a loud sound when you quickly close the toilet cover. At this moment you can’t waste even 1 second and this problem is your daily routine then you can replace toilet seat with a soft close toilet seat. Soft close toilet seat is also known as slow close toilet seat too.

How to replace a toilet seat

Before you replace your toilet seat you need to bring a toilet seat and tools then you can follow the guidelines below. Remove the water from the toilet bowl and cover the siphon with a rag. If somethings drop into the bowl then there is a possibility to the toilet would get clogged. If the toilet gets clogged then you have to do some extra work to unclog a clogged toilet which is unnecessary.

Open the toilet seat

After observing your toilet seat and you find out the problem. Now you want to open the toilet seat. To open the toilet seat you need some tools that I describe above. Now just follow the procedure

Step 1: Open the toilet seat bolt cap. This cap is made of plastic and it is easy to unlock the toilet seat bolt cap.

Step 2: Now take the screwdriver according to the bolt’s head. If the bolt’s head is divided into four parts then take a Phillips-head screwdriver or if the bolt’s head has two parts then take a flattened screwdriver.

Step 3: Now turn the screwdriver counterclockwise. If the bolts rotate with the nut then use an adjustable wrench or plier to hold the nut. If the bolts have a wing nut then you can easily unscrew the bolts just rotate the wing nut counterclockwise.

Step 4: After unscrewing the toilet seat then lift it.

Note: If the toilet seat has metal bolts and they are rusted then you need to know how to remove rusted toilet seat bolts. Because it is easy to remove general toilet seat bolts but when toilet bolts are rusted then bolts and nuts are tightened with each other. At this time, it is not easy for this you need rush removal to remove rust or need a hacksaw to cut off the bolts.

Another important part is cleaning the toilet bowl’s upper part, especially the upper back front. After installation toilet seat this area isn’t clean properly. As a result, there not only deposit dirt but also deposit different kinds of germ or bacteria.

Install new toilet seat

Step 1: Place the toilet seat on the bowl

Step 2: Adjust the toilet seat bolt holes with the bowl holes

Step 3: After adjusting them then draw the bolts through the seat and bowl holes

Step 4: Now tight the seat by bolt nuts

Step 5: After tight the bolts then lock the toilet seat bolt caps.

Note: To tight the bolts you can use an adjustable wrench. But keep in mind never go too over tighten it can harm your toilet.

Related Queries

Can I replace a toilet seat myself?

Yes, you can replace a toilet seat yourself. For this, you need a new toilet seat and tools. Tools will reduce your working time and help you to finish the task properly. Just unscrew the existing toilet seat and place the new toilet seat then tighten the screw.

Do all toilet seats fit the same?

No, there are different types of toilet seats. Best toilet brands try to maintain a standard but even then they have huge differences so all toilet seats don’t fit the same.

How do you unscrew a toilet seat?

To unscrew a toilet seat first unlock the toilet seat bolts caps. These caps are attached to the toilet seat then take a screwdriver. Now rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise if the bolt rotates with the bolts. Then hold the nut with a plier or adjustable wrench.

How long does it take to replace a toilet seat?

It depends on you how much time do you need to replace a toilet seat. If you have everything like a new toilet seat and tools then you need 15 to 20 minutes. Generally, a plumber takes 10 to 15 minutes to replace the toilet seat. But nowadays there are some smart toilet seats this type of toilet seat takes a little bit more time to replace.

How do I know my toilet seat size?

Toilet bowls have two different shapes round and elongated. When your toilet bowl shape is a circle then you need a round toilet seat and when your bowl shape is oval then you need an elongated toilet seat. Generally, the elongated toilet seat is larger than the round toilet seat. You can use measure tape to know the actual toilet seat size.

How to measure a toilet seat?

Measuring toilet seat is an important part and it is also an important part for when you choose a new toilet. Otherwise, there is a possibility to don’t fit with the toilet bowl.

There are two types of toilet bowl shape round and elongated. If your toilet bowl is round then you need to buy a round toilet seat or if your toilet bowl is elongated then you need to buy an elongated toilet seat. Besides, there is available other kinds of the toilet like compact toilets, compact elongated toilets, etc.

Step 1: Place the tape between the center of the bolts

Step 2: Draw the tape to the bowling front and take the depth of the bowl

Step 3: Now place the tape bowl on one side and draw the tape to the other side

Step 4: Measure the bolts spread. Actually, bolt spread means the distance between the bolts.

Note: When you take the measurement then be careful otherwise your new toilet seat doesn’t fit with the existing toilet bowl.

Related Queries

Are there different sizes of toilet seats?

Yeah, round toilet seats and elongated toilet seats are different in size and shape. Standard elongated toilet seat size is between 18” and 19” and round toilet seat size is between 16” and 17”.

What is a soft close toilet seat?

Soft-close toilet seat is also known as a slow close toilet seat. Usually, toilet seal creates a loud sound if the user doesn’t close the toilet seat slowly. Soft close toilet seat solves this problem and users don’t need to waste time slowly close the toilet seat. Users don’t need to close the toiler seat completely just draw it toward then the toilet seat close slowly without slam and it is called a soft close toilet seat.

Do soft close toilet seats fit any toilet?

Nowadays, soft close toilet seat becomes popular in the USA, Canada. So top toilet brands manufacture soft close toilet seats. There are different types of toilet bowl sizes when you want to install soft close toilet seat then buy a soft close seat according to your toilet bowl size.

Buy a new toilet seat

After measuring now you forward to the store. After reaching the store you are confused seeing the various type of toilet seats. It is a common matter if you don’t identify why you want to replace the existing toilet seat.

Bidet toilet seats are different types like manual and smart. Manual bidet seats have knobs some bidet toilet seats have single knobs and some have dual knobs. In a single knob bidet seat, you can’t adjust the water temperature. But in a dual knob bidet, you can adjust the water temperature.

Heated toilet seat makes you feel comfortable especially during the winter season. During the winter season, everything becoming cold so that time sits on the clod seat isn’t comfortable. There are also different kinds of toilet seats like toilet seats for kids, elders people, disabled people, etc.  

Remember that never buy a toilet seat without measuring. Never buy a round toilet seat for an elongated toilet bowl.

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