7 Ways To Fix Toilet Leaking From Tank Water Supply

toilet leaking from tank water supply

Leaking is a common problem in bathroom fixtures. When you face the leaking problem then you need to solve it. To solve most of the bathroom-related leaking problems don’t need a plumber, DIYers can solve it.

A toilet leaking from tank water supply can happen when lose the coupling nut, worn washer, shut off valve don’t work properly, etc.

Besides, there are also more reasons responsible for toilet leaking from the tank water supply. But it is a matter of joy that you don’t need a plumber to repair if you are an enterprising person.

Generally, in the USA hiring a plumber is costly but most of the time you don’t need a plumber which is related to the toilet leaking from the tank water supply.

But when you are a DIYer then you need some tools and know how to use them. If you are a novice as DIYer then don’t worry. Here I share my experience which is DIY friendly.

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Tools you need

  1. Wrench
  2. Gasket
  3. Washer
  4. Coupling
  5. Flapper
  6. Shutoff valve

Coupling nut problem Toilet leaking from tank water supply

Coupling nut problem Toilet leaking from tank water supply

Loosen fittings are responsible for toilet tank leaking. The household water supply is the main water source of the toilet tank. For this, the tank needs to be connected to the water source with a hose. This hose is connected to the tank by a coupling nut. If the coupling nut is loosened then it will be leaking.

Coupling nuts loosen for various reasons like rusted, loosen, or don’t tight properly. If the nut loosens then you can solve it just you need to tighten it. So, when you want to tight it then turn the nut clockwise.

If the coupling nut is rusted then you need to buy a new nut. When you buy a new nut then keep in mind that current nut size. Because is more important, so you can carry it when you head to the store for new nut.

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Replace the worn out washer

Replace the worn out washer

After tightening the coupling nut if still leaking then the problem might be with the washer.

Washer is an important part to tighten the screw or something like that. This washer is made of rubber or foam which is ruined with time. And also rubber or foam was worn out when they are in contact with water for a long time. So they need to be changed after a certain period.

To replace the worn-out washer first you have to stop the water supply to the tank from the water source by turn off the shutoff valve.

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Now, flush the toilet to empty the tank. To remove the bottom water that still remains in the tank you can use a sponge.

After removing all water you can unscrew the coupling nut and remove the hose one end from the tank. Now pull out the old washer and replace it with a new one. Then set the hose by securing the coupling nut.

Shutoff valve not working properly

Shutoff valve not working properly

Shutoff valve is the control of water between house water supply line and toilet tank. So when the problem with the shutoff valve then you need to repair it or replace it.

It is easy to under that the problem is with the shutoff valve when the shutoff valve dripping or its handle can’t control the water supply.

To repair or replace the shutoff valve is a little bit risky because it is directly connected to the main water line supply. So when you are want to deal with the shutoff valve then first you need to deal with the main water supply valve. For this, you need to shut off the main water supply valve before you touch the shutoff valve.

Worn out toilet flapper

Worn out toilet flapper

Toilet flapper located in the tank. The task of the flapper is to stuck the water in the tank. This flapper is made of rubber.

After using the toilet when the user flushes the toilet bowl then the flapper holds up by the tank handle and releases the water. So many flushes can deform the flapper size which is the one that causes the toilet tank to leak. And also in contact with water, the toilet flapper is worn out with time. So when the toilet flapper is worn out or deform then you need to replace it. You can also stronger your toilet flush by replacing the toilet tank flapper.

Wobbling tank or loosen tank

Wobbling tank or loosen tank

If your toilet tank loosens then it can wobbling which is the reason to be a leak. For this, you can tighten the toilet tank wing nut.

Before you tighten the toilet tank wing nut, empty the toilet tank. Now take a wrench and tighten up the nut. Sometimes the toilet tank bolt turns with the nut when you want to tighten up. At this time you can use another wrench or plier to hold the bolt head from inside the toilet tank. When you tighten up the toilet tank keep in mind that don’t tighten too much. Otherwise, your toilet tank or bowl can be cracked.

There is another problem with the rusted toilet tank bolts. When the toilet tank bolt rusted then you need to replace them. But sometimes it is difficult to remove the rusted toilet bolts. At this time you need to cut off them or use a rust disposal chemical.

If you want to keep your toilet tank bolts from rusting then you can use 100% brass bolts they are rust-resistant.

Hairline Cracked on toilet tank

what is a hairline crack 1

Hairline cracked can be a reason for toilet tank leaking. Generally, the toilet tank cracked under the tank. It happens due to toilet tank wing nuts hardly tighten. For this, there creates a hairline crack that sweats and wet the surrounding.

If your toilet tank crack is like to hairline then you can repair it by using epoxy. Epoxy is very effective to repair the hairline cracked on the porcelain. But if the cracked width is bigger then you need to replace it.

You can’t replace it with just a toilet tank. Because some toilets need tanks according to their fixtures. So you can’t buy just a toilet tank. The solution to this problem is to replace your toilet tank with the current toilet tank model.

If you want to interchange the toilet tank then you can but not all. Because if your current toilet tank has two holes for the bolt but you want to interchange with a three holes toilet tank then it is not possible.

Toilet bowl gasket worn out

Toilet bowl gasket worn out 2

Toilet bowl gasket joins the toilet tank and toilet bowl. The main purpose of the toilet bowl gasket secures the joining so that there won’t create any leak. But the gasket made of rubber and with time it is worn out. For this toilet, a leak happens.

These answers enrich your knowledge about toilet

Are toilet water supply lines Universal?

Toilet water supply line connects the toilet tank and the shutoff valve. So the two ends of the supply line diameter are important. If they aren’t the same as the shutoff valve and tank outlet then they won’t fit. Nowadays, 3/8 inch hose pipe is most uses for toilet water supply lines so you can call it a universal toilet water supply line.

Can a toilet supply line be too long?

It depends on the distance between the toilet tank and the shutoff valve. Generally, the toilet supply line length is 9” to 20”. But if your toilet tank is away from the shutoff valve then you need a long toilet supply line. If you don’t need long toilet supply line then don’t use long toilet supply line. Because fold line can create resistance.

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