Types of toilets plumbers do recommend in The UNITED STATES

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There are different types of toilets all over the world. Most people don’t know about all kinds of toilets. Toilet types can be categorized by size, piece, structure, toilet shape, toilet bowl shape, flush, etc. I guarantee that this article amazed you after reading it whole.

You will find out some toilets that seem to you old-fashioned but they are healthier than your modern toilet. Some have peculiar designs and mechanisms that you never see. Toilet style, type, and mechanism vary from one place to another place.

All best toilet brands in United State don’t manufacture every type of toilet and all types of toilets don’t everywhere.

One-piece toilet

One Piece Toilet

One of the popular toilets in America and Canada. One-piece toilet is also becoming popular in Asia and Africa too.

In a One-piece toilet, the toilet tank is attached to the toilet bowl. As a result, the height and width of the toilet reduce. There is no gap between the toilet tank and toilet bowl so the toilet tank doesn’t need to fit with the toilet bowl by tank bolts. For this, in the One-piece toilet, there is no leakage problem.

One-piece toilet price is a little much but it is worth it. But the weight is more because in a two-piece toilet the tank and bowl are separate from each other. Users can install them separately wherein the one-piece toilet the tank and bowl combine. One-piece toilet weight is between 80 to 120 pounds.

Weight Is An Important Issue When You Carry a Portable Shower Tent During The Travelling.

80 to 120 pounds weight is hard to lift especially some things like porcelain where is a probability to get scratch. The cost and weight of the one-piece toilet more but size is less and it required less space. Otherwise, the toilet rough-in, flush system, and trapway are similar to the one-piece toilet.

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Can you put a bidet on a one-piece toilet?

There are two types of bidet one is Europe and the bidet toilet seat. European bidet is completely separate from the toilet and it installs next to the toilet. So European bidet isn’t possible to put on a one-piece toilet. But the bidet toilet seat is adjustable with the one-piece toilet.

What is French Curve toilet?

French Curve toilet is one kind of toilet which design is different from regular toilet design. The regular toilet tank is a rectangle, French Curve toilet tank is also a rectangle but the lower portion and bowl side portion of the tank is slopy and curvy. Most of the time French Curve toilet is a one-piece toilet, Kohler Rialto is a one-piece French Curve toilet.

What is the best 1 piece toilet?

It is a very difficult task that to say the one toilet model best. Because top toilet brands are competing with each other to provide the best toilet at a cheap price. But when the price gradually decreases then the product quality will be decreased. Here I’m going to provide a list of the best one-piece toilet 1. Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax, 2. American Standard Champion-4 Toilet, 3. WoodBridge T-0001 Toilet, 4. Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet.

Is one-piece toilet available in USA?

The one-piece toilet is available everywhere in The United States. Famous toilet brands are available in the store and you can buy a toilet from the nearest store. The one-piece toilet is a little bit pricy but it is worth it. One-piece toilet installation is also easy and most of the companies provide installations kits.

How do 1 piece toilets works?

In short form, people write 1 piece toilet but the actual form is the one-piece toilet, you can say it Single piece toilet too. Generally, the two-piece toilet’s tank and bowl come separately, and later the installer joins both of them. But one-piece toilets have no separate and don’t need to join. The one-piece toilet works like a two-piece toilet.

Two-piece toilet

Two Piece Toilet

The most uses toilet around the world is a two-piece toilet. In a two-piece toilet, the toilet tank is separate from the toilet bowl. But the installation of a two-piece toilet is easy than a one-piece toilet. Because two-piece toilet weight is less than the one-piece toilet and there is a benefit of the separation of toilet bowl and tank. The benefit is an installation of the two-piece is easy for a person who doesn’t need another helping hand to lift the toilet.

The drawback of the two-piece toilet is the leakage problem. Since the tank and bowl are separate from each other that’s why the user or plumber needs to join them by tank bolts. After long time or not fit well then there is a possibility to create a leak.

In a two-piece toilet, there is another problem is the toilet seat bolts get rusted too quickly because of the leakage of the toilet tank. The leakage supplies the water continuously as a result the toilet seat bolts get rusted quickly (you can read how to remove rusted toilet seat bolts).

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What is the advantage of a two piece toilet?

Two piece toilet have some advantage. For example, the packaging is easy because the toilet tank and bowl are separate from each other. So it is easy to adjust in the packet when need to move from one place to another place. One man can easily lift it cause when the toilet tank removes from the toilet then the toilet bowl become lighter.

Are one piece toilets difficult to repair?

The difficulty of repairing a toilet depends on the toilet problem, not on the toilet piece. But there is some advantage of the two-piece toilet when the term repair has come. To repair or replace the toilet flange plumber need to lift the toilet. Generally, toilet made of porcelain which is heavy but two-piece toilet have an opportunity to separate the tank from the bowl as a result toilet bowl become lighter.

Long time using hard water toilet tank need to clean and replace the toilet tank parts. Plumber can put off the tank and keep it somewhere where it is easy to work.

Are there only 2 toilet seat sizes?

By shape, you can divide all toilets into 2 categories a. round toilet and b. elongated toilet. When you have a round toilet then you need round toilet seat and when you have an elongated toilet then you need to buy an elongated toilet seat.

Is elongated toilet seat larger than the round toilet seat?

Yeah, the elongated toilet seat is larger than the round toilet seat by 2 inches. Generally, the toilet seat doesn’t come with the toilet. The owner can buy a toilet seat as his/her choice. There are different kinds of toilet seats like wood toilet seats, plastic toilet seats, soft-close toilet seats. So when you buy a new toilet seat then remain in mind that your toilet bowl shape.

Squat toilet

squat toilet

I’m sure now you are surprised as an American, Canadian, or European citizen. If you never hear of this type of toilet then you have never visited Asia or you have less knowledge about Asian water closet.

There are huge differences between American water closet and Asian water closet. Though the American closet is modern it is an amazing matter that the squat toilet is healthier than the modern.

In the squat toilet, the user places the legs on two sides of the toilet hole and sits down. This posture is more natural and healthier to complete daily physical needs.

Though it is healthier most of the Asian citizens of urban areas shift to the modern toilet. But in the rural area, they use this type of toilet.

To clean up the butt user don’t use tissue paper which saves millions of trees and is also environmentally friendly. Instead of using toilet paper users use water and the Asians think that it is more hygienic.

The squat toilet flushing system is different. Most of the squat toilet doesn’t have the flush system. Don’t worry there is another way to clean the poop from the toilet but it is old-fashioned. You need to bring water by the pot and pour it into the toilet heavily. So you don’t need to stronger the toilet flush system. But now some modern squat toilet has a flush system like a modern toilet. The tank is set above and a pipe connects the toilet and the tank.

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Can you poop in a squat toilet?

Yeah, you can poop in a squat toilet. if you don’t use squat toilets then don’t worry it is simple. Just place your legs on two sides of the hole and sit down. Now you can continue your natural task and after poop, you can use tissue a paper but generally in squat toilets people use water for cleaning purposes.

Are squat toilets more hygienic?

Squat toilets are most used in the Asian country but it is the most natural way to poop. When the modern wasn’t invent then most people complete their natural tasks by squat posture. In squat toilets, people use water instead of tissue paper.

Generally, tissue paper wipes the poop but there is a possibility to smear on the butt. But when water is used then it rinses the anal and butt too which is more hygienic.

How does a woman use a squat toilet?

There is no separate procedure for men and women to use the squat toilet. First, place your legs on two sides of the hole. Now open the pant button and zipper then pull down the pant as possible as. Try to pull down the pant to the knee and pull up the pant’s lower portion. Now sit on the squat toilet in a posture position.

Floor Mounted toilet

Floor mounted TOILET

When a toilet is an anchor to the floor then it is called floor mounted toilet. Floor mounted toilet has a hole beneath the toilet. On the floor there is a hole actually this hole is connected to the drainpipe so that waste can go to the septic tank or waste tank.

Floor mounted toilet is less expensive and the floor-mounted toilet installation is easier. Floor mounted toilet can carry more weight than a wall-mounted toilet but this type of toilet needs more space than the wall-mounted toilet.

For floor-mounted toilet users or plumbers need to measure the toilet rough-in. Because toilet rough-in is important for floor mounted toilet otherwise the toilet beneath hole and the floor hole doesn’t match each other. As a result, you need to change the toilet which increases your cost.

Floor-mounted toilets can be one-piece, two-piece, or tankless. Generally, the toilet flange holds the floor-mounted toilet by toilet bolts. If the flange is broken or cracked then you need to replace the toilet flange otherwise toilet will be leak or wobble. If the waste line diameter is 3″ then you can buy Toilet Flange That Fits Inside 3 Inch Pipe.

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What is a floor-mounted toilet?

when a toilet anchors on the floor it is known as floor mounted toilet. There is another way to anchor but floor mounted toilet is most used and popular. The waste outlet pipe is located through the floor and the toilet installs on the waste outlet pipe.

What do I need to know before buying a toilet?

When you are going to buy a new toilet then you have to know about toilet rough-in. knowing the rough in is the most important. You can measure the toilet rough-in from the toilet back wall. Toilet shape is also another important part. There are two most popular shapes round and elongated. Elongated toilet bowls need more space than the round. Toilet height, GPF, trapway diameter size are important.

Wall mounted toilet

Wall Mounted Toilet

When the toilet anchor to the wall it is called as wall mounted toilet. The wall-mounted toilet flushing system and waste drainage system are different but wall mounted toilet looking smart and beautiful. Wall mounted toilet also known as wall hung toilet.

Wall hung toilet can’t take carry much load as much as floor mounted toilet and also wall mounted toilet cost is more than the floor mounted toilet. But wall mounted toilet needs less space than the floor mounted toilet.

The tank of the wall-mounted toilet is invisible because it hides into the toilet back wall. Though it looks gorgeous for this use expend more money and also need a thick wall.

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Is wall mounted toilets good?

Most of the people used to with the floor mounted toilet but now wall mounted toilet becoming popular. But the wall-mounted toilet is expensive than the floor mounted toilet for its amazing service. For example, some wall mounted toilet has a feature that moves the toilet up and down. So users can set a comfortable height that is not possible in floor mounted toilet.

Do wall hung toilets save space?

Wall hung toilets or wall mounted toilets look tankless but they have a tank inside the wall. It seems peculiar but it saves space. But wall hung toilet is more expensive than the floor mounted toilet. The installation procedure is also difficult so installation cost is also more.

Is there a weight limit for wall hung toilets?

Usually, floor mounted toilets install on the floor so its weight limit is high. But for the wall mounted toilet the weight limit is less than the floor mounted. The standard wall hung toilet’s weight capacity is 500 pounds.

Bidet toilet

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It is also another kind of toilet which is located next to the toilet. This type of bidet is available in Europe so it is also known as European bidet. But this type of toilet isn’t available in the USA or Canada and if any American has a bidet they want to hide bidet. Now bidet is becoming famous in America but American bidet is different from European bidet.

American bidet is adjustable with a toilet seat for this user needs to open the toilet seat and place the bidet between the toilet bowl and toilet seat. This has one or two hosen which are connected to the water supply line. If the bidet has two hoses then one for cold water and another one for hot.

After poop, the bidet spread the water to clean the anal by the nozzle. This nozzle has some amazing features like rear mode spread the water, comfort mode move the nozzle front and back.

Asian also use the bidet but it is different from Europe and the USA. Asians use a hand held bidet located next to the toilet with a long hose. To use this type of bidet users have to hold the bidet and move it as needed from the front.

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Why bidet is not popular in America?

Nowadays, bidet becoming popular in America but not European type bidet. European bidet is completely different from what is now popular in America. European bidet install next to the toilet and it has a faucet. To use this bidet user needs to move from the toilet which seems too ugly to the American.

Can you poop and pee in a bidet?

If you have a bidet toilet seat then you can poop and pee in the bidet. The bidet toilet seat is designed to be set between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat. Generally, we use the toilet to poop and pee when you install a bidet toilet seat then it doesn’t create any problem. But in European style bidet, you can’t poop. you can pee in the bidet but it isn’t a good practice.

Toilet by flush

Toilet By Flush

After defecate or urine user needs to clean the toilet bowl. To clean the bowl users use water if the water comes after the tab on flush then your toilet is a flushing toilet. There are different types of flush systems like single, dual, auto, flushometer.

Single flush toilet

After or urine when want to clean the bowl but there is only one button I mean one option then it is called a single flush toilet. The disadvantage of the single flush toilet is users have no option. As a result, users have to spend the same amount of water even to clean the bowl after urine. For this, you have no option to reduce the bill. But single flush toilet installation is easy.

Dual flush toilet

The dual flush toilet is eco-friendly because there are two options so users can use it as needed which reduces water waste. It not only reduces water waste but also saves your money.

Usually, after pee users don’t need to spend the same of water as like as poop. In a dual flush toilet, a small button is for the number #1 task(pee) and the bigger is for the number #2 task(poop). Most of the wall mounted toilets have a dual flush system.

The drawback of a dual flush toilet is the installation dual flush is pretty much hard. If you don’t know how to install a dual flush then you have to hire a plumber.

Flushometer toilet

Single flush or dual flush uses gravity to create the water pressure. But the flushometer toilet uses the supply line water pressure. This type of toilet generally uses office or where need huge toilets. It is most useful to clean urine.

The flushometer is located near the toilet or urine bowl which is made of metal. This type of toilet is tankless so can say it is a space saver toilet too.

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Why does it take 2 or 3 flushes to flush my toilet?

You need to flush your toilet until the water is completely gone from the bowl. Generally, waste is gone by one flush. But if your toilet tank has enough water then it doesn’t create enough pressure. Using hard water for a long time they there deposit limescale which prevents the water flow. If your toilet is partially clogged then you need to flush more.

How can I make my toilet flush better?

Make the toilet flush better means increase the pressure. You can increase the water level of the tank by adjusting the overflow and fill valve. Clean the limescale from the tank for this you can use baking soda or limescale cleaner. Clean the rim jets and siphon jet.

Rimless toilet

Rimless Toilet

Maybe you don’t know what is the task of the rim for a toilet. It is a normal matter because after poop or pee you just flush the toilet. But if you notice that you will see some water come from the toilet rim. Yeah, the toilet rim also supplies water to clean the bowl which water source is the toilet tank.

Inside the rim, there are several holes which are known as rim jets. These rim jets use to clean the bowl if there is any smear of poop. But rimless toilets don’t use several holes around the rim. Instead of using several hole rimless toilets use the only one which is much bigger and rimless toilet design such a way so that water speed will be more and it can clear the smear of poop.

General toilets have a problem that over time there deposit limescale. Not only hard water is responsible for this but also rim jets. If the toilet rim jets are get clogged then there is a possibility to get the toilet clogged(how to unclog a clogged toilet).

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Why do toilets have a rim?

The purpose of the rim is to distribute the water properly through the rim jets of the whole bowl. Toilet rim jets are located inside the rim.

What is the difference between rimless and rimmed toilets?

The major difference between them is one has a rim and another hasn’t rim. Usually, tank water goes to the bowl and spreads the whole bowl through the rim jet. Over time, these rim jets get limescale which can clog the hole. But in a rimless toilet, there is no scope to deposit limescale. Rimless technology is more effective to clean the bowl than the rimmed toilet.

Are rimless toilets more expensive?

Conventional toilets have the rim and rim jets. Through these rim and rim jets, water spread the whole bowl. To spread the water better way and more effectively there is developed technology is know as the rimless toilet. This rimless toilet little bit expensive than the conventional rimmed toilet.

Toilet by shape

Toilet By Shape

You can divide all toilets by shape and it is possible. You go to your bathroom and notice your toilet and try to match it to other toilets what you see your school, office or relatives house. If you are an intelligent person then you can catch the difference between them.

Actually, toilet shape means the bowl shape there are three types of toilet bowl shape round, elongate, and square. 

Round toilet

This type of toilet needs less space than the other shape of the toilet. So it is a good choice if your bathroom has less space. But the main problem with this type of toilet is it is not comfortable. Because the distance between one edge to another edge is a little bit more and the user has no option to fit his butt with the seat.

Elongate toilet

The most popular toilet shape but this type of toilet bowl needs more space than the round toilet. And it is also comfortable than the round toilet.

Square toilet

Generally, a square toilet looks like a rectangle so you can call it a rectangle. Actually, a rectangle toilet is very rare so it is hard to find out one for you. But if you want you can have one for this you have to spend more than normal. Because usually, the best toilet brands don’t manufacture this type of toilet. So you have to order it.

In the square toilet, there isn’t a special feature and mechanism but the square toilet is set for beautification and this rare design makes your bathroom special from others.

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What toilet bowl shape is best?

The elongated toilet bowl shape is more comfortable than the round shape. But elongated toilet bowl needs more space than a round toilet bowl. If your bathroom doesn’t have much space then it is hard to enjoy an elongated toilet. An averagely elongated toilet is 2 inches larger than the round toilet.

Can an elongated toilet replace a round toilet?

Yeah, you can replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet. But when you replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet then you need to calculate the clearance around the toilet. Because the elongated toilet is bigger than the round toilet.

Technically you can replace a round toilet seat with an elongated toilet seat but you won’t get the complete elongated toilet comfort.

How do I know if my toilet seat is round or elongated?

Identifying the toilet shape is round or elongated isn’t a big task. If your toilet bowl is a circle then your toilet is round and if your toilet bowl shape looks like an oval or egg then it is elongated.

Knowing the toilet shape is important when you are going to order a toilet seat. Otherwise, you can’t fit the toilet with the bowl and the elongated toilet seat larger than the round toilet seat so you can face several problems if you buy an elongated toilet seat instead of a round.

Corner toilet

corner toilet

Yeah, there is also one kind of toilet named is corner toilet. The corner toilet bowl shape can be round or elongated. The height of the toilet seat also looks like other normal toilets. But the shape of the toilet tank is different from the rectangle toilet tank. The shape of the corner toilet tank is triangle so it can easily fit the toilet corner.

Generally, most of the time corner of the bathroom remains useless and the corner toilet is designed for that location so that the homeowner can utilize the corner space.

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Are Corner toilets any good?

The term Corner toilet can be new to you but it is the most useful toilet when you want to utilize your bathroom corner. And it is the best advantage of a corner toilet.

How do you rough corner a toilet?

Measure toilet rough-in is an important part when you buy a new toilet. Generally, toilet rough-in is measure from the back wall to the toilet flange center. But rough-in for the corner toilet is a little bit different from the regular toilet. For the corner toilet, you need to measure the distance from both walls and it will be better if both distances are the same.

Can I put a regular toilet in a corner?

Yeah, you can put a regular toilet in a corner. The regular toilet tank is a rectangle so it can easily fit with the back wall. But when you fit a regular toilet in a corner then there will remain a gap between the tank and walls.

Portable toilet

Portable Toilet

Toilet can be portable? Yeah, it is true that toilets are also portable but it isn’t your house toilet they are attached to the floor or wall.

The portable toilet is designed for travelers and motor vehicles. Some companies have portable toilet service but their portable toilet is big. Sometimes they are so big so it isn’t possible to move by one person. This type of portable toilet is used in function, events where huge people gather.

Don’t worry small portable toilet is also available. Small portable toilet light so a person can easily carry it. And it is also less expensive.

If you don’t want to spend money on a portable toilet but you need it. Then you can make a portable toilet by yourself. It is so simple to make a portable at home.

Sometimes outdoor shower tent is necessary for the portable toilet especially when you need privacy. But all outdoor shower tents aren’t perfect because some tents don’t have enough facilities for a portable toilet. So you need the best outdoor shower tent so that you can accomplish your natural work without any disturbance.

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Can you poop in a portable camping toilet?

Portable toilets are designed to carry it where you need to move it and you can use it as like as your home toilet. But some portable toilets don’t have a flush system. Though some Porta Potty doesn’t have a flush system, there is well managed so that odor doesn’t come.

How often do need to empty a portable toilet?

Portable toilets have a holder where human waste deposit. If the holder fills up then you need to remove the waste immediately. Otherwise, clean the portable toilet at least one time every week. If you don’t clean up it every week then there is a possibility to come out the odor.

Compact toilet

compact toilet

Sometimes we need the small version of something the compact toilet is the small version of the general toilet. Standard toilet dimension is 28” to 30” deep, height 27” to 32” and 20” wide. But for the powder room, this dimension is very large. Generally, a compact toilet is designed for a small place like a powder room.

Though the compact toilet is small it has all facilities like a standard toilet. Compact round toilets and compact elongated toilets are available. A compact elongated toilet is larger than a compact round toilet.

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Are compact toilets comfortable?

Generally, compact toilets are for a small place were short of space like a powder room. Though compact toilets are small, they have all features like a normal toilet.

What is a compact elongated toilet bowl?

Elongated toilet is the most popular toilet for home uses. But sometimes home owners can’t install elongated toilets because of less space in the bathroom.

Compact toilets have all features like a regular toilet but the size of the compact toilet is smaller than the regular toilet. When a compact toilet has an elongated bowl then it is called a compact elongated toilet.

Macerating toilet

Macerating Toilet

Actually macerating is a technology that a motor has a metal blade and it cut the object into pieces. When this technology joins with the toilet then it is called a macerating toilet.

Maceration toilet technology is different from the conventional toilet system. The macerating toilet has a box behind the toilet or into the back wall. In the box the waste and tissue paper soak by the water. Macerating toilet pump pushes the waste to the septic tank.

The most amazing part of this toilet is you can set the toilet to belong to the sewer line. Generally, a normal toilet is set above the sewer line so that the waste can easily move to the drain. Macerating toilets have a powerful pump that can push the waste up to 9 feet above and 100 feet away from the toilet which is really amazing.

The macerating toilet is also known as upflush toilet because it can be installed under the and it pushes the waste up. Saniflo is one of the best companies that manufacture the Upflush toilet. In the USA this toilet is so available that you can buy it from the near shop.

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Why would you use a macerator toilet?

We install our toilet above the sewer line and connect the toilet to the sewer line. When we flush the toilet the waste pass through the siphon and go to the sewer line. After entering the sewer line then the waste goes to septic automatically by gravity force.

But when your toilet is below the sewer line then the gravity force doesn’t work to carry the waste to the septic tank that time you can use a macerator toilet.

Do macerating toilets smell?

Bad smelling is a common problem in the toilet. If the toilet gets clogged then the toilet can produce odor. Macerating toilet has a motor with the blade if the motor doesn’t run then it will smell. If there is any leakage then it will smell.

Composting toilet

compOSTING toilet

Composting toilet can compost poop and turn it into rich fertilizer. You can use this fertilizer in your garden. Maybe you are surprised that is poop can be used as fertilizer. Yeah, a composting toilet is an eco-friendly toilet.

Generally, in composting toilet poop become dry but it is hard when the feces and urine mix together. Usually, composting toilets have only one waste holder but some composting toilets have another holder for urine. Users can remove the holder and easily empty the holder.

In composting toilet, you don’t need to flush. So your money bag doesn’t lose its fat for the water. The main problem of the composting toilet is odor and need to empty the holder regularly.

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Do composting toilets smell?

Yeah, composting toilets smell if you don’t maintain it regularly. In composting toilet human waste become dry and later need to empty it. This waste turns into compost that’s why this type of toilet is called a composting toilet. But if the waste doesn’t be dry then it will smell.

How do you empty a composting toilet?

Portable composting toilets have two chambers one is for solid waste and another one for liquid. Both are a lock to the toilet. So to empty the chambers you need to unlock them. Then pull out them and dump the solid in a plastic bag and the liquid pour into a sewer line or septic tank.

Tankless toilet

Tankless Toilet

Most of the toilet use siphon technology and the human waste pass through the siphon. The siphon technology depends on the water pressure. Generally, water comes to the toilet bowl from the toilet tank. The toilet tank is necessary when supply line water pressure isn’t enough to clean the bowl. The Toilet tank holds the water and gravity create energy which turns into pressure when the flush button is clicked. If there is not enough pressure toilet will be clogged. Unclog a clogged toilet will be your regular task.

If the water supply line has enough necessary pressure then the toilet doesn’t need a tank. When a toilet doesn’t have a tank then it is called a tankless toilet. Most of the public water closets don’t have tanks because there have enough water pressure to clean the human waste and tissue paper from the toilet bowl.

Related Queries

Can I put a tankless toilet in my home?

Toilet tank is used to hold the water and when the user presses the flush button then enough amount of water will be supplied. In our home, the water supply line doesn’t have enough for this we need a tank. If your home water supply line has enough pressure then you can install the tankless toilet.

Why do public toilets not have tanks?

In the public washroom, there are install more toilets and public wash have a big water tank which provides enough pressure. So public toilets don’t need the tank because installing a tank with each toilet increases the expense.

High tank toilet


Usually, the tank is attached to the toilet and holds water into it. There create pressure by gravity but sometimes it isn’t enough to clean the bowl. Toilet bowls need more water pressure than high tank toilets can be a good solution. In a conventional way tank attaches to the bowl but high install high. The tank is connected to the bowl by pipe and to operate flush there is a long chain. For this long chain, the high tank toilet is also known as the Pull chain toilet.

When the toilet tank is mounted high it creates more pressure than conventional. High tank toilets have another facility that you will get more space around you.

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What is the purpose of a high tank toilet?

In the High Tank toilet, the tank is mounted too high from the toilet. Generally, the space above the toilet isn’t used. And when the tank is mounted high then the gravity force work more which helps to clean the bowl.

Luxury toilet


When something more expensive than the regular price that means there is something special that can be surprised others and it is called Luxury. There is no specific size or design for a luxury toilet and it also it features but it provides great comfort. Luxury toilet designers try to provide exclusive design so that it looks different and elegant.

However, the luxury toilet can be produced in limited of a model. There can be present rare and expensive metal like jewelry. It can be produced only for specific requirements.

Normally this type of fancy toilet is used by rich people to make the unique bathroom decoration.

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What is the most luxurious toilet?

  1. INAX USA Toilet
  2. Toto Miyabi
  3. Neo-Metro
  4. Kohler Numi High-Tech toilet
  5. Stefano Giovannoni Tech Toilet

Who owns the most expensive toilet?

The most expensive toilet owns by Hang Fung Gold Technology group. This toilet is most expensive because of its exclusive design and there used gold to manufacture it. There was rumored that it was around 5 million US dollars.

Smart toilet

Smart Toilet

Now top toilet brands manufacture the smart toilet. Smart toilets have amazing features that provide you some extra facilities. These facilities help you remain more hygienic like the touchless toilet. It is normal things that flush the toilet after poop but when you use tissue paper somehow your hand can get the virus or bacteria and it can be spread everywhere you touch until wash your hands.

Self-cleaning, sensors, and soft-close are the great features of the smart toilet. Self-cleaning toilets clean the debris automatically, you don’t need to open the toilet lid sensor to lift the toilet lid itself. Some smart toilets store user-health data like temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, MBI. By observing the woman’s urine it can track the woman’s menstrual cycles. But the cost of the smart toilet is more so average people can’t enjoy these amazing features.

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Do you need toilet paper with a smart toilet?

Now smart toilet has bidet system this bidet have some amazing feature. For example, the nozzle that spreads water to clean anal and butt. You can control the water temperature and comfort nozzle moves up and down. After washing smart dry the wet by blowing air so you need to use toilet paper when you are using the smart toilet.

Is Smart toilet one category among the types of toilets?

Nowadays there are different kinds of toilets and you can categorize them in various ways on their shape, size, dimension, piece, working procedure. So when you choose a new toilet to buy then it can be of any type. In the market, there are some advanced toilets and these toilets are in the smart toilet category.

RV toilet

RV Toilet

Nowadays, RV becoming popular all around the world especially in United States, Canada, and Europe. People go from one place to another place by vehicle and they have to respond to their natural call. In the mind this trouble most of the RV have a bathroom with toilet.

RV toilet looks like as same as our home porcelain toilet and its working procedure too. To clean the bowl you can flush the toilet and waste go to the septic tank. To use less water clean the bowl RV toilet has a pump that can create more pressure. Users can easily clean the waste from the septic tank but obviously, maintain government law otherwise it can pollute the environment which is completely illegal. Use a flexible hose and join it to any sewer line it is possible.

If you don’t have a bathroom then you can use a portable toilet or composting toilet. They can be the best alternative and the maintaining of portable toilet or composting toilet is also easy.

Related Queries

Can you put regular toilet in RV?

No, you can’t install a regular toilet into the RV. Because RV needs to small and some special feature so that the toilet fit the RV. The regular toilet needs at least 1.28 gallons of water per flush. But in RV you can’t use much water so the RV toilet needs a pump that creates pressure and uses less water.

Do all RV toilets fit the same?

Now different types of RV toilets are available and their size isn’t the same. Before replacing the RV toilet you need to measure your present RV toilet height, depth, and width. Observe the RV toilet bowl shape is it round or elongated. Measure the RV toilet hole, Standard RV toilet hole is 3 inch but sometimes it can be smaller.

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