Learn 4 ways how to remove rusted toilet seat bolts

A wooden toilet seat with rusted rusted toilet seat bolts

After a long time of use, toilet seat bolts corroded. Best toilet brands provide the best bolts for the toilet seats, flange, and tank. If the toilet seat bolts corroded then you need to replace them. If it is possible then remove the bolt caps. Most of the time bolt caps are consist of plastic. So if there is a problem to pop up or remove the bolt caps then break them. To break the caps you can use flatten screwdriver or something like that. Then you can use some rust removal chemicals which loosen the screws. There are also some ways for how to remove rusted toilet seat bolts correctly.

You are fortunate if your toilet seat bolts and nuts are plastic because it is easy to remove. When you choose a new toilet try to select the plastic seat bolt.

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Tools you will need

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Tools are an essential part of when you start work. It is also essential to know about the tools and how to use them. If you don’t know how to use then you can’t apply these tools properly. Sometimes lack of knowledge about the tools then it can be a reason to damage your product.

Now I am going to describe some tools that I used to remove rusted bolts. And also some tools that are probably needed for critical situations.

Rust removal: Rust removal is used to convert to bluish-black ferric from the reddish iron oxides. When something ties for a long time then it is got rusts. These stuck rush make it hard to loosen because rust deposits especially on metal and make tighten. When removal applies then rust removal penetrant into the material and makes the rust loosen. 

Hacksaw: Hacksaw is one kind of saw. This saw is known as a blade and it has many small teeth and a handle to hold the hacksaw. Hacksaw used for cut-off material. When the place is narrow then a close-quarter hacksaw is better. Because when you cut off the toilet seat bolts you have to enter it to the place. Close-quarter hacksaw is small and thin and also it has an expansive part that is thinner. So you can easily enter it where lack of space.

Reciprocating Saw: It is also used to cut off the materials. But it has a facility that you don’t have to pull and push. Because it is automatically pulled and push.

Dremel or Grinder: Both are used for cut off but Dremel front part is smaller than Grinder. So Dremel is easy to use in narrow spaces.

Dremel has a set there are different kinds of the cutter, users can choose anyone to vary with work. But Grinder doesn’t have this facility.

Plier or Deep Socket: To spin the screw clockwise or counterclockwise. Both are also used to hold the screw rotates.

Duck Tape: Here when you use a hacksaw or screwdriver then the toilet bowl can get scratch. To prevent the toilet bowl got scratch you can use Duck Tape.

Here I am going to describe 4 simple ways to remove rusted toilet seat bolts

Removing corroded toilet seat bolts by Rust Remover, Plier, and Screwdriver

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If you are fortunate then you can open the toilet seat rusted bolts by plier and screwdriver. If you don’t have a plier then you can use an adjustable wrench or deep socket.

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Step 1: Most of the toilet seat bolts are covered by a plastic cap pop up it

Step 2: Now Spray the rust removal on both bolts.

Step 3: Wait for 20 minutes to absorb it.

Step 4: Gently hit the bolts so that most of the rust separates from the bolts and loosens.

Step 5: Take the plier or adjustable wrench and fit it to the bolt nut underside of the toilet bowl.

Step 6: Rotate it counterclockwise.

Step 7: If the nut rotates with the bolt then enter the screwdriver into the bolt head hole and hold it so that it won’t rotate.

Step 8: Now rotate the nut until it is completely open.

Step 9: Follow the steps from 5 to 8 for another bolt.

Note: In a super shop or hardware shop there are many rust removal but to remove iron rust the best one is wd-40.  

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What are the 2 types of screwdrivers?

There are several kinds of screwdrivers
1. Power screwdriver
2. Phillips screwdriver
3. Interchangeable head screwdriver
4. Flat-head screwdriver
5. Allen Key screwdriver

Does WD-40 remove rust?

It is specially designed to loosen the tie between metal surface and rust. But when you use it then you have to know how to use wd-40. There are various types of rust remover available in the market. But wd-40 is more effective than the others.

Is there anything that dissolves rust?

Acetic acid is the most common household product which can dissolve rust. It is also known as white vinegar. In white vinegar 5 to 10 percent acetic acid and 90 to 95 percent water.

Can I use coke to remove rust?

If your metal tools are covered by rust then you can use coke to remove rust instead of drink. Coke has the ability to clear the rust from the surface of the tools. Just pour a container with coke and sink it overnight. In the morning lift it and scrab it.

Remove rusted toilet seat bolts by using Socket Wrench if Plier fail

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Sometimes it is difficult to hold the bolt from the upper side and rotate from down. And also plier isn’t appropriate to hold the nut. Then you can use a Socket wrench.

Step 1: Set the socket wrench on the bolt nut

Step 2: Now hold the socket wrench

Step 3: Insert the screwdriver into the bolt head hole

Step 4: Rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise and unscrew the stuck toilet seat bolts

Step 5: Follow the steps from 1 to 4 for another bolt

There is a possibility to drop anything into the bowl as a result your toilet can clog. Know more about how to unclog a clogged toilet by the easiest way.

What are the different types of socket wrenches?

There are 5 different types of socket wrenches
1. Ratcheting
2. Flex head
3. T-Handle
4. Nut Driver
5. Gearless

What is the purpose of socket wrench?

The socket wrench helps you to rotate stubborn bolts and nuts. The socket wrench has two parts one is a cylinder and another one is a handle. Users can adjust these two parts according to choice.

What can I use instead of a socket wrench?

Instead of a socket wrench, you use an Allen wrench, Plier, and Adjustable wrench. Allen wrench looks like an L shape. Plier follows the Lever law, the two handles of plier crossly connected by a bolt.

Are toilet seat bolts standard?

Most of the standard toilet seat bolt hole diameter is bigger than 7/16 inches. So 7/16 inch bolts are standard. But there are all different kinds of the bolt so when you buy bolts for your toilet seat then measure the diameter of the seat bolt hole.

How do I remove rusted toilet seat bolts by using Hacksaw

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If bolts tighten with nut too hardly and Plier and Socket wrench doesn’t work. Then you need to cut off the bolts.

Generally, bolts are consist of metal there is also plastic bolt. To cut off the bolts use a hacksaw which is the cheapest and most easy way to cut off the bolts.

Usually, there are two types of hacksaw manual hacksaw and automatic hacksaw. When you cut off by manual hacksaw then you have to pull and push it. Or if you use automatic then you have to hold it.

When you buy the hacksaw you can’t Carry On Bags. You need Checked Bags to carry any sharp objects.

When you use a hacksaw there is a possibility to get a scratch on the toilet bolt. You can prevent it by using duck tape.

Step 1: Use tape near the bolt area

Step 2: Place the hacksaw blade between bolt nut and porcelain

Step 3: Pull and push if you use manual or click on the switch if you use an electric hacksaw.

Step 4: Remove the bolt parts and pull off the tape

Note: If you scuffle with the toilet when you are using a hand hacksaw then your toilet flange can be harmed. Check out If you want to know how to repair and replace a toilet flange. If your toilet waste line diameter is 3″ and you want Toilet Flange That Fits Inside 3 Inch Pipe then all flanges aren’t appropriate for you.

What is hacksaw used for?

Hacksaw looks like a U shape. It has two parts one is a frame and another one is the blade. The blade is removable and it has teeth on one or both sides. Hacksaw used for cut metal pipe, screw, rod, etc.

How much hacksaw cost?

The cost of a hacksaw varies with its facility and brand. There is also an electric hacksaw where you don’t need to pull and push the hacksaw and it is works faster than normal.
Normal hacksaw price is between 10 to 30 dollars and motor hacksaw price between 50 to 150 dollars.

Best way to remove rusted toilet seat bolts using Dremel

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If you want to cut off the bolts quickly then you can use the Dremel. Dremel has a set of accessories. Dremel has another facility to reach narrow spaces where another cutter reach is pretty difficult.

The circuit board of Dremel can be overheated when uses and melt the circuit. So when it becomes overheated then stop it for a few minutes to cold.

Step 1: Tape the area off near to the bolts

Step 2: Choose a cutter blade from the set which one is appropriate

Step 3: Now set the cutter blade to the bolt and turn on the switch

Note: If you don’t know how to use Dremel or automatic Hacksaw then don’t use it. Otherwise, it can damage your lovely toilet bowl. If the toilet bowl gets cracked then water not staying in the toilet bowl.

At a glance

Step 1: Open the plastic cap

Step 2: Spray the rust removal

Step 3: Use Plier and Screwdriver then unscrew it

Step 4: If Plier and Screwdriver doesn’t then cut off the bolts with Hacksaw

Step 5: Instead of Hacksaw you can use Dremel or Allen wrench

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