3 Best Toilet Paper Holder Set Screw

toilet paper set screw

It’s one type of screw that does not have heads. For this reason, it is also known as a blind screw. The function of set screws is to fix any object to another.

There are various kinds of set screws, such as conical, cup, oval dog flat. The primary difference between them is the shape of the lower part.

In general, the majority of toilet paper holders are wall mounted in various sizes. They are mounted on a bracket fixed into the wall.

To ensure the toilet paper holder is secured you can set screws. There are different kinds of screw size. The sizes range from 2M up to 8M, and is the size that the screw has.

Toilet paper holder screw comes with two aspects, one is the diameter, and the other is length. They both express the size of the screw, for instance 3m*3 where 3m represents its diameter, and three is it’s length.

To fit with various kinds of toilets, to match different toilets, there exist different kinds of tissue holders for toilet paper. Also, different toilet size screw for a paper holder can may also differ.

If you are looking for a brand modern toilet paper dispenser screw set, you require a suitable size sturdy screw that is easy to put in. In consideration of every requirement for KeadicVigrue and Totfstnr set screws are the best.

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Keadic set screw

Keadic set screw is made of alloy steel which class is 12.9.  In the box, there are different sizes of set screws which are perfect for Moen toilet paper holders.

In the box, there are 3m, 4m, 5m,  6m, 8m diameter set screws are available and the length of the set screw is 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 16m. Combination of diameter and length there is 15 category set screw.

3m*3, 3m*4, 3m*10, 4m*4, 4m*6, 4m*10  each category have 40pcs, 5m*5, 5m*8, 5m*12 have 30pcs and 6m*6, 6m*8, 6m*10, 8m*8, 8m*12, 8m*16 have 20pcs. All are Cup-Point and internal Hex Drive.

Since there are various size is available so it is easy to find out any set screw for the replacement of the toilet paper holder.

Moen toilet paper holder is a famous product and you can use this set screw for Moen tissue paper holder. Besides these screws are useable for door handles, light fixtures, faucet, armament repair, knobs, plumber, etc.

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Various size is available



Don’t provide any hex wrenches

VIGRUE Screw With Internal Hex Driver

304-grade stainless steel is used for these set screws. The corrosion resistance property the 304 stainless steel is the most widely used austenitic stainless steel. This stainless steel is anti-rust and the fraction of the screw is very good so it doesn’t slip out easily.

In the box there are 15 size set screws are available. The size of the set screw are 2.5m*4, 2.5m*5, 3m*m, 3m*4, 3m*10, 4m*4, 4m*6, 4m*8, 5m*5, 5m*8, 5m*10, 6m*6, 6m*10, 8m*8, 8m*12.

2.5m*4, 2.5m*5, 3m*3, 3m*4, 3m*10, 4m*4, 4m*6 each size have 40pcs, 4m*8, 5m*5, 5m*8, 5m*10, 6m*6, 6m*10, 8m*8, 8m*12 each have 30pcs total 520pcs. All screws have two types of drive system one is external and another is internal hex.

The set screw is useable for Kohler toilet paper holder, door handles, light fixture, faucet, armament repair, knob, plumber, and other bathroom fixtures.

Since the set screw is Hex Allen Head Socket Set Screw, so a Hex Allen Key Wrench is necessary but in this box, there are 6 wrenches. It is hard to tight the set screw with hand but when you use a wrench then you can easily install it and also save your time.


It has six Hex Wrenches.

Corrosion resistance.


The saline environment is harmful to 304 stainless steel.

TOTFSTNR 666Pcs Internal Hex Drive Cup-Point Screws

The set screws meatal is 12.9 class alloy stainless steel that means 12X100 N/mm^2 tensile strength. And the 9 means it is 90% of 12X100. So it is clear the durability of this set screw is enough for a toilet paper holder.

Some Delta toilet paper holders have shelf so the holder weight is also more. The high hardness of the set screw is able to hold the toilet paper holder with shelf.

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This set screw has 22 different sizes and most of them are popular. These different sizes are 2m*4, 2m*5, 3m*3, 3m*4, 3m*5, 3m*6, 4m*4, 4m*6, 4m*10, 5m*5, 5m*6, 5m*8, 5m*10, 6m*6, 6m*8, 6m*10, 6m*12, 8m*8, 8m*10, 8m*12, 8*16. It has also 6 washers.

In the box there is total 666pcs set screw among them 2m*4, 2m*5, 3m*3, 3m*4, 3m*5 each size has 50psc. 3m*6, 4m*4, 4m*6, 4m*10, 5m*5, 5m*6, 5m*8, 5m*10 each size has 30pcs. , 6m*6, 6m*8, 6m*10, 6m*12 each size has 20psc. 8m*8, 8m*10, 8m*12, 8*16 each size has 10psc.


It has 22 different sizes

High durable stainless steel

It has the smallest size of set screw


Don’t provide Hex Wrench.

Frequently Asked Question: From Confusion To Solution

What is a cup point set screw?

In the set screw, there are different shapes of a screw. Among them, cup, conical, oval, dog, and flat are most uses. If any set screw bottom part is pressed inside and it is round then it is a cup-point set screw.

How do you read set screw sizes?

Usually the size of the set screw mention on the box label as 2m, 2.5m, 3m, etc. In the box, there are different sizes of set screws. When any set screw size mention as 2m means its diameter is 2mm. Sometimes there are two digits for example 2m*3 means the diameter 2mm and the length is 2mm.

How do you tighten a toilet paper holder?

Toilet paper holder set screw has no head as like as a general screw. Usually, they have an internal hex so when you want to tighten then you need a hex wrench. To tighten the set screw you have to turn clockwise.

Are all set screws the same size?

All set screws aren’t the same size. Generally, the set screw has different sizes of diameter and length. Normally, set screw diameters are  2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m & 8m and then lengths are 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm & 16mm.


The best set screw for toilet paper holder

When novice or DIYer has lack of knowledge about set screw then it is tough to select the perfect set screw

Generally, set screw for toilet paper holder are small and TOTFSTNR provide smallest to biggest set screw. So if you don’t know which one you need then TOTFSTNR is the best for you.

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