10 Easy Ways You Can Unclog A Clogged Toilet when nothing works (The Proven Guide 2022)

Unclog A Clogged Toilet

Generally, when a toilet gets clog it raise various trouble. The best toilet brands have improved their technology day by day to reduce this problem. When a toilet is clogged it creates pressure on other toilets. If you have limited toilet then it will be more headache for you and your family members. That time, if you can unclog a clogged toilet, you become a good family man. But became a family man isn’t easy. For this, you have to know how to unclog a toilet.

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Why does my toilet keep blocking?

why does my toilet keep blocking

A toilet can be clogged for various reasons. Low-Flow Toilet, to save water low-flow toilet is the best but it is also a reason for clogging a toilet. First-Generation Toilet which is develop based on Low-Flow to save water. Sometimes, this backdated toilet can’t create the necessary water pressure.

Tissue paper can be a reason for clogging a toilet. After poop, use more tissue paper that can be stuck in the toilet pipe. There are some low-quality tissue papers and paper towels which don’t melt quickly.

Toilet Flange That Fits Inside 3 Inch Pipe which reduces the toilet waste line diameter.

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Sometimes kids throw their toys and other metal into the toilet bowl that can be also a reason. So, cover the toilet with a toilet lid if you have naughty kids in your house.

1. How to unclog a toilet with a plunger?

unclog a toilet with a plunger

To unclog the toilet, the plunger is the first choice. Most of the time toilet gets clog because of tissue paper which is easily unclogged by the plunger. But to unclog the toilet you have to know how to unclog the toilet with a plunger, how plungers work, and know which plunger is right for your toilet. Because there are different types of toilets by shape, design, siphon type, etc. So, one plunger works well with one type of toilet but it may not work for another toilet.

Types of Plungers

To plunge a toilet there are 3 types of plungers. They are a. Cup Plunger, b. Flange Plunger, and c. Accordion Plunger. 

Cup Plunger: This plunger is also known as a sink plunger. It looks like a cup or bell and it is also used to unclog a toilet. It uses for bathtub, basin, kitchen, and shower drain. This plunger is for a flat area. So, the front part of the plunger adjusts properly.

Flange Plunger: It looks like a cup plunger but its front part has a flange. It is also known as a toilet plunger. This type of plunger is better to unclog a toilet. Go through how to repair and replace a toilet flange (Step By Step).

Accordion Plunger: It is made of plastic which is hard. So, the plunge is also hard. When using it properly, it creates more pressure than the other and unclogs the toilet which can’t possible by the other two plungers.

How plungers work

When you adjust the plunger’s front part to the drain and downstroke it. Then it follows Boyle’s Law it creates pressure into the drain and water downward. When you pull up the then it reduces the pressure and allows the water to raise.

Unclog toilet

Now you can select which plunger is appropriate for your toilet if you read the description. There are some prerequisites products like hand gloves. You need to wear hand gloves which prevent the stink of dirty water to touch your hand. This dirty water has different kinds of germs and it also has a bad smell. A towel to wipe the messy water which can be splash from the bowl when you use the plunger. A water bucket full of water can contain 5 to 6 gallons of water.

Step 1: Now pull up the toilet seat with the lid.

Step 2: If your toilet bowl doesn’t have much water then flush the toilet or take a bucket of water. This water helps you to create pressure when you stroke the plunger up and down.

Step 3: Now wear gloves which aren’t mandatory.

Step 4: Take the plunger and set it toilet drain.

Step 5: When you set the plunger try to pour it with toilet bowl water as much as you can.

Step 6: Now frequently stroke the plunger for about 15 to 20 seconds then release the plunger and check the water down away or not. If the water doesn’t drain then again stroke otherwise pour the bowl then stroke. Do it until the water is down away.

If the toilet seat irritates you then remove the toilet seat. To put off it just unscrew the toilet seat bolts. Sometimes remove rusted toilet seat bolts is difficult. But there are some tricks to remove rusted toilet seat bolts.

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Why won’t my toilet unclog with a plunger?

It can be for your wrong plunger selection. Sometimes sink plunger can’t create enough pressure or it doesn’t seat to the toilet. Flange Plunger, the extended flange lip fold inside that time it doesn’t work properly. When the plunger doesn’t cover with water except for air that time it can’t create enough pressure to loosen the clog. To unclog the toilet you need water without water plunger can’t create pressure.

How long does it take to unclog a toilet with a plunger?

If the clog is normal then it will take 10 to 15 seconds. And the full process takes half and one minute.

How to unclog a toilet without a plunger?

Always you haven’t a plunger in your home or your plunger doesn’t work for your toiler. That time, you
need to unclog the toilet without a plunger. A clogged toilet can unclog without a plunger just needs
some ingredients. These type of ingredients are always available at home and also in the superstore. Like
baking soda, vinegar, toilet augers cable (also known as water closet auger or snake), etc. if you want to
know how to unclog a toilet without plunger then read next topics

2. How to unclog toilet with dish soap?

unclog toilet with dish soap

Unclog toilets with dish soap is another trick that is so cheap and this ingredient is available in the kitchen. This dish soap has the power to degreasing the clog. And also dish soap is slippery when you create force by flush and the surface of the bowl will be slippery then can easily pass into toilet pipe drain.

Step 1: Take one cup of dish soap and pour it into the bowl

Step 2: Then consecutively add 4 to 5 cups of hot water. The mixture of hot water and dish soap becomes more powerful.

Step 3: After sitting this solution for few minutes then flush it. If bowl water reduces then 3 or 4 times more flush in a row.

If you don’t have dish soap then you can use shampoo and soap. But when you will use the soap then slice it. And try to dissolve this slice in water then pour it into the bowl


How Long Does Dish Soap Take to Unclog a Toilet?

It takes around 10 minutes.

Why Dawn Dish Soap Is Bad?

Dawn dish soap contains some ingredients which are harmful to the skin and also porcelain.

3. How to unclog toilet with baking soda?

unclog toilet with baking soda

Baking soda is a common kitchen ingredient that is available in all most all of our homes. You can apply a trick to unclog the toilet with baking soda and white vinegar. This trick is the most useful but you have to be careful because it creates a volcano in your toilet.

Don’t worry if you properly follow how to unclog the toilet with baking soda then you can control this volcano. Otherwise, your bathroom can be messy with dirty toilet bowl water. Where poop can be present in the dirty water and you need to clean them which is so horrible.

Step 1: For hand, safety wear rubber gloves.

Step 2: If your toilet bowl water level is less than half bowl then pours it up to half bowl.

Step 3: Try to pour with warm water, not cold water.

Step 4: Now take one cup of baking powder and pour it into the bowl then take the double cup of vinegar of baking soda.

Step 5: Pour the vinegar slowly if you pour the vinegar at a time then it will blast out. And your bathroom will become dirty. So slowly pour it and it will start the fizz.

Step 6: Leave it for 30 to 60 minutes. After that see the bowl if the bowl water reduces then your trick works

Step 7: Flush the toilet to go away the debris. If bowl water doesn’t reduce then apply this method two to three times more except water.

4. How to unclog toilet with bleach?

unclog toilet with bleach

Bleach can substitute the mixture of baking soda and vinegar. And also it takes less time to sit and unclog the toilet.

Step 1: Before applying this trick you have to wear hand gloves because bleach can harm our skin.

Step 2: After wearing the gloves then take two or three cups of bleach and pour it into the toilet bowl. The ratio of bleach and water is 1:10.

Step 3: Now, wait for 10 to 15 minutes to sit it then flush the toilet.

Never mix bleach with another chemical especially with household cleaners and ammonia


Is It ok To leave bleach In the toilet overnight?

If you sit the bleach solution for a long time that can hurt your bowl. Because most of the bowl is made of porcelain and bleach is a chemical that can damage the glazing of porcelain. But short period it is okay. There are various types of toilets and all of them aren’t made of the same ingredients. So when you use bleach then you need to be careful.

How long can you leave bleach in a toilet bowl?

Since bleach can damage the glazing of porcelain when it sits for a long time, then if you sit it for short period you can clean the toilet bowl without any damage to glazing. The standard time to sit the bleach solution is 10 minutes. This time limits 2 minutes more or less. It depends on the quality of bleach.

Does bleach smell go away?

After the flush, the smell is remaining strong for few hours when you use bleach to clean up the toilet bowl. But the less smell remains for overtime that is horrible. If you want to get rid of this bad smell you can use odor eliminating spray. But it won’t replace bleach’s bad smell. You can keep the open door and ventilator. It will help you to reduce the bad smell density. 

Will bleach hurt my toilet?

When bleach solution sits for a long time then it can damage the glazing of porcelain.

What bacteria can survive bleach?

Bleach is a powerful and effective disinfectant. It can kill bacteria, viruses, including influenza viruses and fungi.

Does peeing in bleach make mustard gas?

Human pee contains ammonia. When ammonia comes to bleach its produce Phosgene gas which is very dangerous for human. This gas is also known as mustard gas

5. How to unclog toilet with a toilet brush?

unclog toilet with a toilet brush

A toilet brush is always used to clean the toilet but you can use it to unclog the toilet too.

Step 1: If the bowl has less water then pour it at most half. So it will help you when you use the toilet brush to unclog.

Step 2: Sink the brush head into the water and set it to the toilet drain.

Step 3: Now frequently stroke it up and down.

6. Enzyme waste removal

enzyme waste removal

It is one kind of chemical which transforms solid waste into liquid. Toilet can clog hard water, human waste, or tissue paper. This chemical transforms them into liquid. It is also used as drain cleaners for tub drains and other drain lines. This chemical is safer than the other chemical. Because it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients which chemical reactions can harm the skin. The other chemical can harm to skin and these chemicals don’t produce for the toilet. That’s why it can also be harmful to the pipe. Now follow the guidelines step by step

Step 1: Take 3 to 4 spoons of enzyme in a pot

Step 2: Now pour the pot with lukewarm water

Step 3: Pour the solution into the bowl

Step 4: Let sit it overnight

Step 5: In the morning flush the toilet

7. Hot water to unclog a toilet

hot water to unclog a toilet

Hot water with force can help you to get rid of the nasty clog that happened in your toilet. To execute this method, you need 3 to 4 gallons of warm water. You can use tab hot water. Otherwise, take a pan and boil it.

Step 1: Take a pan that can hold 3 to 4 gallons of water.

Step 2: Take hot water from the tab or take normal water and heat it

Step 3: Notice that the water doesn’t reach a boiling point. Boiling water can damage the drain pipe or it can damage the toilet wax. And it can be a cause of the leak.

Step 4: When you carry the hot water, it can splash on your hand. For safety, purposes wear kitchen oven gloves.

Step 5: Now pour the hot water into a bucket that can hold at least 5 gallons of water.

Step 6: Pour the toilet bowl with a bucket full of hot water.

Following these steps, you can clear a clogged drain. But this process is applicable when your toilet is clogged by human waste or toilet paper and the water level is low.

8. How to unclog a toilet with a snake?

unclog a toilet with a snake

Toilet Augers are also known as plumbing snake. In this plumbing snake, there are one handle, cable, pipe, and rod.

Step 1: Pull the whole cable throw the pipe.

Step 2: Now set the pipe to the toilet drain and push the rod. So you can insert the cable into the toilet drain easily.

Step 3: When the cable touches the clog you can’t push it.

Step 4: Now spin the cable with the handle.

Step 5: When clogged material is stuck to the cable then pull the rod. Do it until clear properly.

9. Gun toilet drainer

Sometimes naughty baby throws their toy and other metal into the toilet bowl. These are clog tightly. That time chemical or other method doesn’t execute. Gun toilet drainer can release your headache.

Step 1: Take the gun toilet drainer set its front part to the toilet drain. There is a set of seats choose which one is appropriate for your toilet.

Step 2: Now click on the switch and it will create heavy pressure throw the drain and unclog your toilet drain.

10. How to unclog toilet with hanger?

unclog toilet with hanger

A coat hanger isn’t used only for hanging the dress. It can be your good friend when a toilet clog happens in your house. You can clear the severe blockage by the hanger. But you can’t use the hanger literally. You need to customize it like our direction then you can use it.

Step 1: Take a hanger and unwind it. After unwinding it just look like wire.

Step 2: It is difficult to hold the wire because it is thin. So wrap a cloth or tap on one end of the hanger.

Step 3: Now insert another end of the wire.

Step 4: Push and pull the wire and also spin it.

Step 5: Do it for a few minutes then bowl water go down and flush the toilet.

How do you tell if the toilet is unclogged?

After a few heavy down and upstrokes then flush the toilet. The water drains but that doesn’t mean the toilet unclogs perfectly. Because sometimes water drains slowly. If you want to understand that the toilet unclogs properly then you have to notice a sound that sounds like Water Hammer. After flush when you hear this sound that means your toilet is unclogged properly. If you don’t understand the sound then you can compare the sound with other normal toilets. There is another way to understand it. When you flush the toilet you will see the water almost drain but suddenly it raises a little that means there is no problem now it is properly unclogged.


Will a toilet eventually unclog itself?

It depends on the reason for the clog. Generally, the clog is water-soluble. So over time the clog breaks down and clears the drain. Human waste and tissue paper are the main cause of the clog and they are also water-soluble. If you confirm that your toilet is clogged because of human waste or tissue then let it stay for an hour after that create pressure by flush.

How long does it take for a toilet to unclog itself?

If the clog reason is human waste or tissue paper then it takes at least an hour. After that flush the toilet so that the debris of clog will drain away.

Is it bad to leave a clogged toilet overnight?

The easiest way to unclog a toilet leave it for few hours and the toilet will unclog itself. But this solution can create trouble e.g. a clogged toilet can be overflow when the toilet flushes or it will spread a bad smell. If your drainpipe is old that time stuck water can be leak and dirt your home. The main problem is if you don’t have more toilets in your house to use in an emergency.

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