How to choose a new toilet

How to choose a new toilet

Toilet is our daily life companion. We use the toilet at least one time a day. Toilet is a place where people relax though they are working. We also relax in different ways like sleep. But relaxing in the toilet is more productive than the other ways. Because when we use the toilet that time our thinking-power fully boosted.

But if your toilet doesn’t comfortable then your thinking power will degrade. So, knowing how to choose a new toilet is a must for you. When you choose a new toilet from the best toilet brands then you have to consider some criteria. For example, toilet shape, toilet height, flush type, tankless, bathroom interior, etc.

From my experience, now I am going to describe how to choose a new toilet. If you want to buy the best toilet then read this article from here to end. And I promise you that at least one option will be appropriate for you.

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What is a Compact Toilet?

How to choose a new toilet

Compact toilets are more preferable for the powder room. Because compact toilets are smaller than the other toilets. But it has all facilities like normal toilets so don’t worry about its size.

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User review

UserSatisfiedNot satisfied
Causeit doesn’t need much space. It has all facilities like a general toilet. And all kinds of designs are available in this version. its height is low which is not comfortable for sitting on it.

Brand overview

Brand Criteria  American StandardTotoSanifloKohlerDuravit
Model215FA.004.020CST744EG#01 DrakeSaniCompactK-3940-RA-96222709
PieceTwo PieceTwo PieceOne PieceOne PieceOne Piece
Dimension30.375 * 18.12 * 28.31328 * 19.5 * 28.518.25 * 14.25 * 19.531 * 20.75 * 2914.13 * 15.63 * 19.13
Water consumption1.6 gpf1.28 gpf1.28 gpf1.28 gpf1.6 gpf
ADA CompliantYesYesNoYesYes

Related queries

What is the difference between elongated and compact elongated toilet?

elongated and compact elongated toilet

An elongated toilet is comfortable for sitting but its size is bigger than the compact elongated toilet.

What is a powder room in a house?

A powder room is a small bathroom where facilities are low compare to the general bathroom. For example, in the general bathroom, there is a sink, bathtub, shower, toilet but in the powder room, there is only one or two facilities are available.

What is compact elongated toilet?

compact elongated toilet

By shape there are two types of bowl one is round and another is elongated. The elongated shape is more comfortable and the compact toilet is small. When a compact toilet bowl is elongated then it is called a compact elongated toilet.

What size is a compact elongated toilet?

When a compact toilet bowl is round then it is smaller than the elongated bowl. Generally, compact toilet height 28 inches, wide 13 inches, and depth 25 inches. It is not a standard dimension for the compact toilet. But almost all of the compact toilet measurements are near to this dimension.

What is a Composting Toilet

composting Toilet 1

Composting toilet is also known as a dry toilet because a flushing system is absent here. Usually, the general toilet needs 1.6 gallons of water per flush. In research shows that a person flushes 5 times per day. And it is the 24 percent of water consume by a person. And it also increases your water bill.

Some composting toilets are portable and when you are using these toilets then you need an outdoor shower tent for privacy purposes.

User review

UserSatisfiedNot satisfied
CauseDuring travelling time don’t carry extra waterNeed regular maintain
  • This review on the user who uses the composting toilet

Brand Overview

Brand Criteria  CamcoThetfordNature’s HeadSun-MarSeparett
ModelCamco 41535Porta Potti 92360Natures Head SpiderEXCELVilla 9215 AC/DC
Dimension (inches)17.24 * 18.5 * 1518 * 18 * 1619 * 19 * 2033 * 22.5 * 3338.25 * 25.25 * 25
Waste tank capacity2.6 gallons5.5 gallons5 gallons4 gallons 
Customer review (out of 5)
Weight (pounds)11102810048.25

Related queries

Do composting toilets smell bad?

If you maintain it properly then there will be no problem otherwise it will smell bad. For this, you can use an exhaust fan.

Do indoor composting toilets smell?

If you clean it frequently then it will not smell.

Do you have to empty a composting?

Almost all of the composting toilets have this scope to empty them.

How often do you have to empty composting toilets?

Human waste takes at least 2 months to become compost. So, after every couple of months, you can empty composting toilet.

Can you pee in a composting toilet?

There is a scope in composting toilets to divert the urine. The composting amount reduces If you divert the urine and also sawdust. But you need two collecting chambers.

How do I stop my compost toilet from smelling?

If you pee in your composting toilet then you can use sawdust. Besides, you can use coffee grinds, pine shaving. If you add composting worms that can compost the waste faster which stops the smelling.

How do composting toilet systems work?

Firstly, evaporate the water because feces contain a lion’s share of water. The remaining waste decomposes and turns into fertilizer which is fully safe to use in the garden.

How do you empty a composting toilet?

The guideline is for the RV toilet. First, unlock the toilet then lift out the waste container. Now cover the front part of the container with a plastic bag and fill up it. After that take the liquid container and dump it into any sewerage.

Can you use kitty litter in a composting toilet?

Yes, you can use kitty litter in a composting toilet.

Where does the toilet paper go in a composting toilet?

Generally, some composting toilet has two chambers for human waste. One is for solid waste and another one is for liquid. After using the paper then dump it into a solid chamber. So it will also decompose with human waste.

Can I put a composting toilet in my RV?

Composting toilet is more preferable for RV, motor vehicles, traveling. It doesn’t need water like a normal toilet.

How much does it cost to install a composting toilet?

It is depending what type of composting toilet you are going to install. There is some composting toilet which price is from 50 dollars to 200 dollars.

What are the drawbacks of a composting toilet?

  1. Some local administrator bans it
  2. Need proper maintain
  3. For urine need another chamber

What is One-Piece Toilet?

One Piece Toilet

Generally, by piece there are two types of toilet one is one piece and another is two-piece. One part is the tank and another part is the toilet bowl. When a toilet tank is attached to the toilet bowl is called a One-Piece toilet. In a one-piece toilet, you don’t need to fit in with the toilet bowl.

User Review

UserSatisfiedNot satisfied
CauseHere tank bolt is absent so there is no possibility of leaking the tank.Heavier than two pieces so lifting is hard during the repair.

Brand Overview

Brand Criteria  American StandardTotoWoodbridgeKohlerDeer Valley
Model2034314020MS992CUMFG#01T-0019 Cotton white3810-95Dual Flush Toilets
Dimension17.75 * 29.75 * 29.532.5 * 15.5 * 21.531 * 18 * 2831 * 20.75 * 2928 * 14 * 27.26
Water consumption1.6 gpf1 gpf1.28 gpf1.28 gpf1.28 gpf
ADA CompliantYesYesYesYesYes

Related queries

Can you replace a two-piece toilet with a one-piece toilet?

If the rough-in is the same then there are no problems with the other part. Before buying a new toilet you should know how to measure rough-in for a toilet

Can one person lift a toilet?

It is depending on the person who wants to lift the toilet. An American healthy man can easily lift between 135 to 175 pounds. Generally, one-piece weight is around 80 to 120. So one person can lift it.

Removes the flange bolt caps and nuts before lift the toilet. If your toilet flange is cracked then you can read how to repair and replace flange.

What’s the difference between a 1 piece and 2 piece toilet?

In 2 piece toilet tank and toilet bowl are separate wherein 1 piece both are combined.

Are one-piece toilets reliable?

One-Piece toilet installation is easier than a two-piece. Most of the one-piece toilet quality is better and its finishing is also smooth. The cleaning process is easy and it is smaller. Though its price is a little bit more you can cover it by flush.

What is the best one-piece toilet to buy?

There are some top brand one-piece toilets. For example, American Standard Champion-4, Toto MS604114CEFG#01, Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa.

Who makes a one piece toilet?

Almost all high-quality brand manufactures one-piece toilet. Like, American Standard, Toto, Kohler, etc.

What are the pros and cons of a one-piece toilet?

Easy to clean and installation but it is heavy because of the combination of tank and bowl.

What is a Two Piece toilet?

two piece toilet

When the toilet tank and toilet bowl are separate from each other then it is known as a two-piece toilet. A two-piece toilet is easier to move because the toilet can be separated from the toilet bowl. After separating the toilet tank then the toilet becomes lighter. Then its weight is around 55 pounds to 75 pounds.

User Review

UserSatisfiedNot satisfied
CauseMove one place to another place is easy.A tank can be a leak because of a loose bolt.

Brand Overview

Brand Criteria  American StandardKohlerTOTOSignature HardwareHorow
Dimension31 * 17.38 * 30.3829.5 * 18 * 31.527.38 * 17.31 * 30.0633.25 * 17.5 * 28.525 * 13.4 * 28.4
Water consumption1.28 gpf1.28 gpf1.6 gpf1.6 gpf1.28 gpf
ADA CompliantYesYesYesYesYes
Weight (pound)819310091.990

Related queries

How much is a two piece toilet?

The price varies with the quality and brand. So when you choose high quality then you have to spend much. Usually, in the market, the price of the two-piece is between 200 to 1800 dollars.

What is the best 2 piece toilet?

It is tough to say best because every toilet doesn’t have all features. So it is your choice which one fulfills almost all of your demands.

Here I give up a list from my experience

  1. Kohler Pressure Lite (Model: K-3493-96)
  2. TOTO Drake (Model: CST454CEFG-01)
  3. American Standard AS H2Option (Model: 2988101.020)

Which Kohler toilet is best?

Here is a list of mine

  1. Model: 3810-0
  2. Model: 3609-0
  3. Model: K-3819-96

How does a 2 piece toilet work?

After poop when the user presses the flush button then the tank releases the water. The water passes through the rim and covers the whole bowl. And this water creates a press in the siphon that helps to clean the toilet.

What does two piece toilet mean?

The two-piece mean toilet tank and toilet bowl are separate. They aren’t combined like a one-piece. when you install a two-piece toilet you then you can install the two parts separately. First, install the bowl then adjust the toilet tank. Be careful when you installing a new toilet otherwise, some things can drop into the bowl and the toilet gets clogged. You can check out if you want to know how to unclog a clogged toilet.

Which is better 1 or 2 piece toilet?

The one-piece toilet doesn’t need to fit with the bowl so there is no leaking problem. On the other hand, a two-piece toilet is less weight so it is easy to move. One piece is smaller so if you have lack space then one piece is better or if you aren’t healthy then two-piece is better.

How do you replace a two-piece toilet?

Off the water supply and empty the toilet tank. Unscrew the toilet tank and lift it from the toilet bowl. Now empty the bowl water and unscrew the toilet bolts. Now lift it and place another one. Tight it with bolts then screw the tank and on the water supply.

Do two piece toilets come assembled?

Yes, because If the two-piece toilets don’t assemble then it isn’t useable.

Which is better single or dual flush toilets?

We don’t need the same water to clean poop and pee. To clean pee, we need less water and a dual flush toilet has a scope to use less water after pee.

If your flush isn’t enough to clear the bowl then make your toilet flush stronger.

What is a corner toilet?

A triangle toilet tank with bowl

If your bathroom is small or is overcrowded there is no space to install a standard toilet. There is a space at the corner but you can’t use it. From my experience, you can use this place by using a corner toilet. This is my suggestion for you because it is not only saving your space but also look unique.

Usually, standard toilets tanks are rectangle but corner toilet tank is not rectangle. It is designed to fit at the corner that’s why it is called a corner toilet.

User Review

UserSatisfiedNot satisfied
CauseFit properly to the corner and save space.The bathroom corner isn’t round so there remains a space between the wall and tank

Brand Overview

Brand Criteria  American StandardRenovatorsAmerican StandardRenovators
Bowl ShapeElongatedElongatedElongatedRound
Dimension34 * 17 * 1433.75 * 19 * 32.2531.5 * 19.2532 * 19 * 31
Water consumption1.6 gpf1.6 gpf1.28 gpf 
ADA CompliantYesYesYesYes
Weight (pound) 46.5123.646.4

Related queries

How do corner toilets work?

Corner toilets work like other standard toilets. The difference between a corner toilet and a standard toilet is shape.

Who makes the best corner toilet?

  1. American Standard
  2. Troyt
  3. Signature Hardware

Do corner toilets really save space?

Yes, corner toilets save space. Generally, the bathroom corner isn’t used. So if you install a corner toilet then you can save space.

Are corner toilets any good?

A door can hit the toilet during you open or close it. And it happens when your bathroom is small. So you can use the opposite corner of the door to install the toilet.

How do you install a corner toilet?

Installing a corner toilet is also the same as a standard toilet. But the rough-in isn’t the same as the standard toilet.

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