How To Measure Tub Shower Valve Rough In Height

what is tub shower valve rough in height

What is rough in? What is the importance of rough in? After seeing the tub shower rough in height then these types of questions can raise in your mind. Rough in a simple matter that you can understand with a single word like distance. But some people will start to sing blah blah blah to explain this simple word. Actually, now I’m going to singing this song too. . .

Though the substitute word of rough-in is so simple. But in the plumbing sector, the importance of the rough in is so much. For example, to install a floor mounted toilet you need to measure toilet rough in. Without measuring toilet rough in if you buy a new toilet then there is a possibility to face the problem. As like as if you don’t know the tub shower valve rough in height then the probability of facing trouble is 100%.

How to measure tub shower rough in height?

rough in for shower head

If you are searching for a standard shower rough in height like toilet rough-in then you will be disappointed. Because there is no standard rough in for shower and tub. But you can find out a standard rough in for you or your family.

If you have a personal bathroom then it is easy to find out. If the bathroom is for all family members then also it is easy. But the bathroom is for the guest then it is a little bit difficult to measure.

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Measure shower rough in height for personal bathroom

When the bathroom is for an adult user then it is simple but when the bathroom is for a child then it is a little bit complex. Because an adult person’s height is almost constant so there is no probability to face trouble in the future. But a child or a teenager growing up so the height isn’t constant.

Tub shower valve rough in height For adult

Step 1: Take the height

Step 2: Add more 12 inches with the height

Step 3: Now take distance from the subfloor to up according to the total height

Note: If the bathroom roof isn’t enough high then you can add less than 12 inches. That time you have to use those types of shower heads which downside elbow length isn’t much.

For showerheads, American Standard recommends 65 inches to 78 inches.

Tub shower valve rough in height For teenager

Step 1: Take the height of the tallest person of the family or take the height of the tallest person among the parents. 

Step 2: Now add 12 inches with the height

Step 3: Measure the height of the showerhead

Note: For teenagers, this solution is for when you want for a long time.

Measure shower rough in height for common bathroom

Measure shower rough in height for personal bathroom is a little bit easy than the common bathroom. In a common bathroom, all family members have access to use the bathroom. And if you don’t have a guest bathroom then your temporary guest will also use it. So when measure shower rough in then take the height of the tallest person of the family.

People also want to know

What are the rough in measurements for a bathtub?

Generally, a bathtub installs close to the walls so it is also known as a wall-wall bathtub. 5’ long, 3’-1/2 wide, and 14” high is the standard for a normal bathtub. If anyone asks what is the size of a standard tub then you can suggest this dimension. But this measurement isn’t constant sometimes it can vary.

Are all baths a standard size?

The standard size of a bath is 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 14 inches high. But this isn’t constant because there are so many bathtubs smaller or bigger than the mentioned dimension. What size of tub do you want to buy it depends on your money bag and the space of your bathroom.

Does shower head need to be centered?

It depends on the surrounding material. If there is a possibility to damage material by water then shower head need to be centered. If shower head doesn’t centered then the water could spread over the whole bathroom, wet the whole floor, and can damage the expensive material. To get rid of this problem just find out the mid-point and mount the shower head to the point.

What is tub shower valve rough in height?

rough in valve for a shower

Another important part to measure shower valve rough in. Because it controls the water flow and the temperature of the water. Usually, the shower valve has 4 ports, 2 inlets for cold and hot water, and the other two for shower head and spout.

Shower valve rough in height measure from the spout or the tub rim. Sometimes it measures from the finished floor. Generally, the height is 10 inches to 12 inches from the spout. If you measure the height from the finished floor then it will be between 40 inches to 48 inches.

But for the basketball player, those measurements above aren’t acceptable. Then the measurement will be different. You can fix a height for the shower valve where the hand can easily reach and this height is comfortable. Moen recommends between 45 inches and 48 inches from the finished floor.

For a 6’10” tall man you can set the shower valve at 40” which is placed 10” to 12” above the tub rim.

People also want to know

How high should a rough in tub shower valve be?

There is no fixed height for the tub shower valve it depends on the plumber and the house owner. Though there is no standard rough in for tub shower, most of the plumbers follow the same distance for the tub shower valve.

From the finished floor the height of the shower valve is between 40” to 48”. Some recommend 12” from the tub rim. 

How high should a tub spout be above the tub?

For spout, the air gap is an important subject. What is the air gap? The air gap is the distance between two surfaces and nothing will remain between them which is totally free.

For spout, the space between the mouth of the spout and the highest water level of the tub. Minimum 1” distance should be between the spout and flood tub. But the standard air gap for spout is 4”. When you are a citizen of the United States then you have to follow some rules.

Another important part is the length of the tub spout. The length of the tub spout is between 6 inches to 12 inches. But now 12 inch wall mount tub spout is becoming more popular and it also works the same way as others.

If we consider most of the experienced recommends that the standard height from the finished floor for the shower head is between 72” to 78”, spout 24” to 28”. But sometimes the spout height isn’t acceptable because the height of the tub is more than the spout height.

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