Bladder Tank vs Pressure Tank

bladder tank vs pressure tank

Pressure tank is one type of tank for water that holds the water and supplies water to the faucet and kitchen appliances, such as toilet tanks and so on. However, it also has a feature that presses the water to ensure that the rate of flow is the same.

Bladder tank can also be described as one type of water tank, however, it isn’t equipped with extra features to pressurize the water.

Three types of pressure tanks are available. They are a. air-over, b. Diaphragm pressure tank and c. Bladder pressure tank. There is also another one known as an Expansion Tank.

Many people believe that the bladder tension tank or bladder are similar. But they are totally different.

In this article, I will explain below the bladder tank vs pressure tank. In addition, two of the products are related: AQUATANK2 Bladder Tank and Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank.

Bladder Tank

Bladder tank is also known as a pillow tank. Since when it is in its entire size, it appears like it is a pillow. In general, the bladder tank is much larger in size than its pressure tank.

Bladder tank is composed of polymer, rubber, or PVC. Therefore, it is light and flexible. It is also can be folded. This allows users to easily fold it down and store it in a tiny space.

The lightweight, flexibility, and folding characteristics make it transportable. This makes it practical as an outdoor water reservoir.

Although it comes with a variety of helpful features, it comes with certain drawbacks. The heat issue is among the most significant issue. Because heat can cause the bladder tank to deform. The material used in the bladder tank is unable to take the heat. In addition, sharp materials are able to easily perforate the tank and let the entire water out.

Bladder tanks are easy to set up, however when you are placing them, make sure you have an area that is clean. The problem lies with a pin, bolt, or hard material that can easily cut it.

Bladder tanks can also be used to fuel tanks, storage of water. Large bladder tanks can hold up to 2,00,000 gallons.

Best Campaign & RV
Bladder water tank

Uses Rubber, PVC or Polymer Material


Key Features
Made for campaign & RV.

Food grade material.
BPA-Free Lightweight.

There are no kits available to fix leaks.

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AQUATANK2 is a tiny bladder tank that is ideal for an owner of RVs or for campaigning. It is extremely durable and does not explode with the pressure of the outside. The company gives an example of how they store more than 920 pounds in a full Aquatank2.

It can be used to store 60 gallons of water. To replenish the tank, you’ll need an ordinary pump. Since the components are food-grade and BPA-free, so the reserve shouldn’t be harmful.

Pressure Tank

Pressure tank is made from rubber, stainless steel O-ring, and stainless steel. The pressure tank is galvanized in order to be able to prevent corrosion.

There are different sizes of pressure tanks. For example, 20, 30, 40, 60, 100 gallon pressure tanks. 20 gallons is sufficient when you only have a couple of bathroom fixtures. In case you own more bathroom fixtures, you can go with a bigger one.

Pressure tank’s essential feature is that it pressurizes the water. Based on your requirements, you can adjust the pressure tank. For instance, if, for example, you require high flow then set 50/70 psi. Or If you require a low rate then set it at 20 to psi or less. Keep in mind that high pressure may cause damage to the fixture, valve, or tank, which could cause it to burst out. If you have low pressure, you won’t be able to get the accepted flow of water. Generally, most of the pressure tanks are above 100 psi.

The pressure tank also has a bladder in it. There are also bladderless pressure tanks. They utilize diaphragms or direct air to generate pressure.

If the water in your supply is hard, you can try a water softener. It can be used for bladder pressure tanks too. However, you should try to connect it to the outlet pipe of the pressure tank.

Pressure tanks can be used for your sprinkler system. Since sprinkler systems require water pressure, but in some cases, the supply water doesn’t have enough pressure to run the sprinkler.

It is possible to install an outdoor well pressure tank on your lawn. If you decide to install it outdoors then you must be sure to insulate it, as well as the outlet and inlet pipe. If not, the pressure could become frozen.

Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

Best House Pressure Tank
well water pressure tank

Uses Stainless Steel & Diaphragm


Key Features
Make sure you build for long-lasting.
Stainless Steel.

Requires minimum space.
100% corrosion resistant.
AC/DC power source both.

Pressure will decrease with time.

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Amtrol WX-202 well pressure tank is constructed from stainless steel that has resistant to corrosion. The tank’s weight is just 23 pounds. Therefore it’s easy to transport. It requires only a small amount of space. Because it is light and requires a lightweight, you can put it wherever.

The dimensions of the product are 15 inches in length as well as 15 inches in width and 31 inches in height. As a power source, you can connect it to AC or DC.

How we select these products

These two recommended products are widely used. After deep analysis, our team find out that as pressure tanks or water containers, the products mentioned above are very famous. Our team also test it technically and these products’ performance is remarkable in the lab.

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