5 Best Sprinkler System Pressure Tank Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

Best sprinkler system pressure tank

Pressure tank is not only secure for the pump, but also safe to the sprinkler systems. Since if the pressure is higher than the limit, then the sprinkler system may be damaged.

In addition, the pressure tank stops the loss of water. If the pressure is too high then the sprinkler won’t function effectively, and the water turns into mist.

The ideal PSI ( pounds per square inches) to use for sprinklers is between 30 to 50 PSI. This is also ideal for rotating. With this model, you will have the most efficient service.

The best Sprinkler System Pressure Tanks are WaterWorker The HT-30B model, Flotec the FP7110T Wellmate WM-9 / WM0120QC Fiberglass Goulds V60 HydroPro and APEC the TANK-20. Keep on reading the reviews below.

WaterWorker Vertical Pressure Well Tank

Best Overall
WaterWorker HT-30B Vertical Pressure Well Tank



  • Max Temperature: 200 F
  • Max Accept. Factor:
  • Max Pressure PSI: 100
  • Tank Volume (gallon): 30
  • Precharged PSI: 38
  • Warranty (Year): 5
  • Height (inch): 39
  • Diameter (inch): 15
  • Weight: 41
  • Shell material: steel
  • Connection size: 1”
  • Stand type: Vertical

WaterWorker creates the tank whose capacity is 30 gallons. its capacity stands at 26 gallons. When your grass is of medium size, you can completely cover it by using this tank.

Maximum pressure of 100 psi , so you can set it easily. 30 psi cut-off pressure and 50 psi cut-off. Maximum temperature is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The factory pre-charged pressure is 38 psi.

The diaphragm is constructed of heavy-duty butyl rubber, and the polyolefin liner, which prevents corrosion. The water in the tank is lead-free and meets all NSF Std 61 standards. Therefore, it’s safe to make use of this tank in your home, too.

To shield the tank from the elements , the tank is coated with an extremely glossy enamel. Diaphragm and liner are kept separate from the water from contact with the tank’s steel.

The dimensions of the product is 39 inches in height” and diameter is 15″. Weight is around 41lbs. The connector size is 1″ is standard. This makes it easy for install, and the warranty lasts for 5 years.


  • Provides all necessary accessories.
  • Lead free.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • NSF certified.


  • After a few years, you need to change the bladder.

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Flotec Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank

Best Rated
Flotec FP7110T Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank



  • Max Temperature:
  • Max Accept. Factor:
  • Max Pressure PSI: 100
  • Tank Volume (gallon): 42
  • Precharged PSI: 18
  • Warranty (Year): 5
  • Height (inch): 28
  • Diameter (inch): 16
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Shell material: Heavy gauge steel.
  • Connection size: 1”
  • Stand type: Vertical

The producer of this product is Pentair. They designed it to be small pressure tanks to make it take up less space. It is suitable to fill your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Also, for your garden sprayer head.

The tank’s capacity is 42 gallons, and the real capacity of 19gallons. It is possible to raise the pre-charge. If you put 20 psi at 40 psi, then you’ll be able to get 6.9 Gallons, 5.9 gallons for 30 Psi to 50 PSI and 5 gallons from 40 psi up to 60 psi.

The water is completely safe and never comes in comes into contact with the tank body. Since inside the tank, the manufacturer uses the PVC Bladder. The manufacturer provides another remarkable feature, a replaceable bladder. The bladder will also stop corrosion.

The tank is made from the steel of heavy gauge. 1″ NPT discharging tapping. The dimensions are 28 inches high” and the diameter is 16 inches. 5 years warranty.


  • Compact pressure tank.
  • The water cell is replaceable.
  • Body made of Heavy gauge steel.
  • Seamless PVC Bladder used inside.


  • On the bottom the connector is plastic.

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Wellmate Captive Air and Retention Fiberglass Tank

Best for costal region
Wellmate WM-9 / WM0120QC Captive Air and Retention Fiberglass Tank



  • Max Temperature: 100 F
  • Max Accept. Factor:
  • Max Pressure PSI: 100
  • Tank Volume (gallon): 29.5
  • Precharged PSI:
  • Warranty (Year): 5
  • Height (inch): 44
  • Diameter (inch): 16
  • Weight: 28.6 pounds
  • Shell material: Fiberglass
  • Connection size: 1”
  • Stand type: Vertical

Inside the tank , there is an air cell that is can be replaced completely. This air cell composed of engineered polymers with a heavy gauge. Thus the air cell lasts for a long duration.

The majority of tanks made of metal face an issue that dents can cause but for this tank, there isn’t any possibility of creating a dent. The tank’s durability is also quite high.

It’s resistant to corrosion and in corrosive environments it will last for a an extended period of time. Because of this, it is more suitable in coastal areas and one of the best outdoor well pressure tank.

It’s a 100-psi pressure tank, with the 44″ height and 16″ diameter. The weight is 28 pounds. The connection for the inlet/outlet is on the bottom and the size of the connection of 1″. The inlet/outlet is a single drain constructed from high-impact PVC. The warranty is five years with an extended warranty option.

The tank’s capacity is 29.5 Gallons. The drawdown volume is 9.1 gallons , for 30 to 50 PSI. For a tank that is pressure-sensitive,, the drawdown PSI range is ideal for sprinkler systems.


  • Quick connect.
  • Replaceable air cell.
  • Quicker and less costly to install.
  • Won’t rust in corrosive environment.
  • Won’t dent.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Need little maintenance.
  • Best for costal region.


  • Keep away from high temperature.

Goulds HydroPro Sprinkler System pressure tank

Best Vertical
Goulds V60 HydroPro Sprinkler System pressure tank

Goulds HydroPro


  • Max Temperature: 120 F
  • Max Accept. Factor:
  • Max Pressure PSI: 125
  • Tank Volume (gallon): 19.9
  • Precharged PSI: 38
  • Warranty (Year): 5
  • Height (inch): 32-3/8”
  • Diameter (inch): 15-3/8”
  • Weight: 36
  • Shell material: Deep dawn steel shell
  • Connection size: 1”
  • Stand type: Vertical

The diaphragm is constructed of the finest and high quality rubber. The diaphragm is able to separate air and the water. Also, it prevents contact with the tank. Tank water is safe for humans as well as trees.

Inside, the liner is constructed of tough polypropylene. The liner is compliant with the requirements of all FDA requirements. Its exterior surface is coated with premium elements to ensure that it lasts in the harsh environment. salt air, and will keep the tank from freezing.

The tank’s capacity can be 19.9 gallons. Drawdowns are 6.1 Gallons for 30 psi up to 50 psi. It is 5.3 Gallons for 40 psi-to-60 PSI. This tank can be used to serve as a pressure tank for sprinkler systems.

The majority of brands use plastic or metal to connect. However, the Goulds company makes use of stainless steel.

If you wish, you can purchase this tank without or with Tee Kit, Union, Valves. If you don’t have these items then my recommendation is to purchase the tank that comes equipped with Tee kit Union, Valves.


  • NSF/ANSI and FDA certified.
  • Super easy to install.
  • Last in the corrosive environment and salt air.


  • A bit noisy but it is neglectable.

APEC Water Storage Tank

Best Budget
APEC TANK-20 20 Gallon Pre-pressurized Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank



  • Max Temperature: 104 F
  • Max Accept. Factor:
  • Max Pressure PSI: 100
  • Tank Volume (gallon): 20
  • Precharged PSI:
  • Warranty (Year): 1
  • Height (inch): 32
  • Diameter (inch): 16
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Shell material: Stainless steel.
  • Connection size: 3/4”
  • Stand type: Vertical

APEC Tank 20 has a large capacity for water. It’s a 20-gallon pressure tank that holds up to 14.9 gallons. It is therefore suitable to house large families small businesses, or for water lawns. The tank’s size is 32 inches high, diameter 16 inches”, diameter 16″ and weight is 34lbs and comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

The bladder’s components are food-grade, high quality, sturdy as well as FDA certified. Therefore, the water in the tank is safe for humans and the environmental health. Also, the water does not have any odor.

The tank is made from stainless steel, and is sealed using a the air valve made of brass. To ensure that the air chamber is leak-free, the O-ring-sealed air valve caps.


  • Virgin polypropylene liner.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Large capacity water storage.
  • BPA Free.


  • The bladder blocks the outlet so never empty completely.

Sprinkler System Pressure Tank Buying guide

Type Stand: by standing pressure tank , there are two types of tanks. vertical and. Horizontal. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a sprinkler pressure tank, be sure to look for the type of tank that is standing.

Tank Size: Size of the Tank is one of the most difficult to understand because there are two sizes, one being Tank Volume, and the other which is called Tank Capacity. Tank Volume refers to the entire dimensions of the tank, while Tank Capacity refers to how much water is able to be held by the tank.

Drawdown: It varies based depending on your PSI the settings. If the PSI range increases, then the tank will contain less fluid.

Max PSI: It’s a reference to how much pressure is able to be put on the tank’s interior.

The material of the body: Body material crucial when choosing the pressure tank to use for your sprinkler system. For environments that are corrosive, salt air or outdoor installations, you will require an anti-rust pressure tank. To do this, stainless steel and Fiberglass are the best.

Pre-charged: The majority of the time it is determined by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will mention this. It is documented by digits and PSI.

How we select these products

To keep maintain the water pressure in the sprinkler system, our team find out some pressure tanks that are mentioned above. These pressure tanks are perfect for the sprinkler system. Before recommending it, our expert team technically test it and also analyzed the user’s reviews then they make this list.

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