These are the 5 Best Compostable Toilet for RV of 2022

compostable toilet for RV

If your RV hasn’t a built-in toilet then composting toilet would be a perfect choice. Because compostable toilet for RV is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry and install. Generally, composting toilets are waterless, they have two chambers for solid and liquid waste.

Nature’s Head, SUN-MAR, and Separett are the most famous manufacturers who manufacture compostable toilet for RV. Besides, Kohree portable toilet is best for the budget and OGO self-contain composting toilet is best for the waterless feature.

These are the 5 Best Compostable Toilet for RV

What you should consider before buying best Compostable Toilet for RV

Generally composting toilet don’t use water, instead of water the manufacturer use leaves, tree bark, or wood shavings for solid waste. After composted users can use it as fertilizer for shrubs and flower beds. And the liquid waste is separately collected in a chamber and empty the container.


Since you want to buy a compostable toilet for RV, size is very important. Though composting toilet doesn’t have a water tank, it is a bit larger than a regular toilet. And RV has very tight space.

Size of Waste Chamber

Composting toilet has two chambers, one for solid waste and another one for liquid waste. How frequently you have to empty the waste bins is dependent on the waste chamber size.

Liquid Chamber Indicator

This indicator signals when the user needs to empty the bin. This feature is not available in every composting toilet. Some composting toilet uses a light indicator and some use transparent glass.

Rough-in Distance

Normal toilet rough-in distance 10, 12 or 14 inches. But for RV Toilet it can be more or less than the standard rough-in distance. So when you want to buy a toilet for your RV please measure the rough-in distance.


1. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Top Pick
61XnwyqfH7L. AC SL1500

Nature’s Head Self Contained


  • Brand: Nature Head
  • Item Weight: 28 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 22 x 20.5 x 21.7 inches   
  • Shape: Rectangular  
  • Solid Capacity: 12 lbs  
  • Liquid Capacity: 16-17 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years

As a composting toilet for RV, Nature’s Head has most of the features and is easy to use. Installing this toilet is easy, only one handy person can install it. Waterless, urine separating technology makes it odorless, so don’t need much maintenance.

The capacity of the solid is 12 pounds and the liquid is 16-17 pounds. So for RV, 2 people can use this toilet for 4-6 weeks after each clean up the waste. It is also easy to clean just needs 5 minutes.

What we like

  • Waterless, urine separating technology.
  • There is no odor.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Don’t need a fan to prevent the odor.

What to consider

  • The bowl is a little bit small.

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2. SUN-MAR GTG TOILET | Portable Toilet, Compost Toilet for RV

Editor’s Choice
31bypEFjHdL. AC



  • Brand: Sun-Mar
  • Item Weight: 25 Pounds    
  • Dimensions: 24 x 15.75 x 19.8 inches   ‎
  • Shape: ‎Elongated
  • Solid Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Liquid Capacity: 1.85 gallons
  • Warranty: 1 year

SUN-MAR GTG composting toilet for RV is also a portable toilet. It is one of the smallest, most elegant, and most economical toilets ever. The toilet is ultra-compact and lightweight. The weight is only 25 pounds and the dimension is 24 x 15.75 x 19.8 inches.

It is easy to set up, just needs only one minute. It has two chambers for liquid and solid waste. Liquid bin capacity is 1.85 gallons and solid bin capacity is 6 gallons. Empty the bins is easy and needs a little bit of maintenance.

What we like

  • The is portable and it is compact.
  • Need only one minute to install it.
  • It has two separate chambers for solid & liquid.
  • Easy to empty the waste bins.

What to consider

  • There is no Trap Door that helps to separate solid & liquid.

3. Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

Best Overall
51XsqZn7kYL. SL1000

Separett Villa 9215


  • Brand: Separett   
  • Item Weight: 30lbs  
  • Dimensions: 26.5″ x 18″ x 21.3″
  • Shape: Oblong  
  • Warranty: 5 years

This toilet first come to the market in 2018. It is an updated version of the Villa 9210 model. This toilet is a trouble-free, advanced composting toilet. Since it is a composting toilet, so it is waterless and liquid waste diverting. To operate this toilet user can use AC or DC power.

The manufacturer provides 5 years warranty for manufacturing defects and 3 years for the fan. The dimension of the product package is 18.5” x 23” x 27.75”, the weight is 30 pounds and the shape is oblong.

What we like

  • Easy to install.
  • Need a few minutes to clean the toilet.
  • Prevent the bad smell.

What to consider

  • The adapters are very janky.

4. Kohree Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty

Best Budget
61ObI89qdDL. AC SL1500

Kohree Portable Toilet Camping


  • Brand: Kohree     ‎
  • Item Weight: 13.47 pounds     ‎
  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 16.4 x 14.6 inches   
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Waste Tank Capacity: 5.8 gallons
  • Warranty: 5

Kohree portable toilet is leak-proof, so it is also odorless. It is easy to empty the waste tank and it is splash-free. This portable toilet is also used in boats, caravans, or outdoor events. This portable toilet is compact and its dimension is 14.5 x 16.5 x 17 inches.

The toilet has a freshwater tank, with this full tank user can flush about 90 times and for every flush, this tank needs only 0.031 gallons of water.

What we like

  • Easy to carry & convenient.
  • Large capacity, up to 90 flushes.
  • Odorless & leak-proof design.
  • Multi-scenario use.

What to consider

  • Don’t have a separate chamber for liquid & solid waste.

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5. OGO Composting Self Contained Waterless Toilet for RVs

Best Waterless
617kSWLG8LL. AC SL1500

OGO Composting Self Contained Waterless


  • Brand: OGO    
  • Item Weight: 28 Pounds   
  • Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 18.38 inches   ‎
  • Shape: Rectangular    ‎
  • Solid Capacity: Bin has a capacity of 25-30 uses
  • Liquid Capacity: 2.4 gallons
  • Warranty: 5 year

OGO self-containing waterless composting toilet has a compact and sleek design which is perfect for a small place. This toilet has an electric agitator that mixes the solid waste with coco coir just in two minutes.

It has a trap door mechanism which separates the liquid and solids. It has another amazing feature, this is liquid level indicator light. When the liquid bottle is just about to full, the button lights up red.

What we like

  • Liquid level indicator light.
  • The manufacturer provides all accessories.
  • Trap-Door Mechanism.
  • It has an electric solids agitator.

What to consider

  • Expensive but worth it.

How we select these products

Compostable toilets are mostly used for outdoor activities or RV but you can use these products indoor too what I mentioned, so I try to select those toilets that are easy to install, maintain, lightweight and clean. I select those toilets that can prevent bad smells and also compact size, easy to portable so that users feel comfortable. For this, I take over 100 user reviews where listed products above are mostly mentioned.

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