These are the 7 Best Bidet Toilet Combo Reviews Of 2022

Bidet Toilet Combo

Bidet Toilet combo is the best combination because it is completely hygienic. If you want you can use toilet paper or bidet or both. You can buy a readymade bidet toilet combo or you can convert your existing toilet. But readymade is the best option.

WOODBRIDE, TOTO, VOVO, ZunFeo, EPLO are the best readymade bidet toilet combo manufacturer. They provide posterior wash, rear wash, feminine wash, unlimited on-demand warm water, adjustable water pressure and temperature, dry air, air purification system, controlled by the remote, automation system, etc.

These Are The Best Bidet Toilet Combo

  1. Top Pick: WOODBRIDGE T-0008
  2. Editor’s Choice: TOTO MW4463046CUMG#01

What to look for when shopping for the best Bidet Toilet Combo for you

There are two types of bidet a. European Style and b. American Style. European Style has a completely separate fixture that installs next to the toilet and the American Style bidet attach to the toilet. American Style Bidet has so many features which are very useful and it is very famous. Here we write on the American Style Bidet.

You can buy a readymade bidet toilet combo or convert your existing toilet. But converting an existing toilet is little bit difficult because you need to buy a Washlet according to your toilet bowl size. Sometimes it is hard to find out and install. Washlet features and technology are less than the Bidet toilet. But is more expensive than the Washlet.

Multi-Mode Washing

Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, and Pulsating Wash. Among them posterior wash is common and it is available in every bidet. But the feminine and pulsating are not available. The feminine wash is very useful for females and it is also hygienic for pregnant women.

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

The nozzle cleans itself before and after every wash, so it is hygienic and the user won’t be affected.

Nozzle Adjustment

It allows the user to set the nozzle position so that the nozzle can spread the water perfectly where needs to wash.

Warm Water

Some bidet can supply on-demand unlimited warm water. This feature is important for cold season.

Air Purification System

This technology uses an ionized carbon filer to eliminate the unpleasant odor from the air, for this system inhales the air and passes through the ionized carbon filter.

Remote control

With the remote, you can operate the whole toilet without touching anything.

Water Pressure and Temperature adjustment

With this feature, the user can adjust the water pressure and also water temperature. The manufacturer that how many adjustments are available for temperature and pressure.

Foot Sensing Flush

The flush automatically operates when the user leaves the toilet.


1. WOODBRIDGE T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

Top Pick
71+4QSzMWmL. AC SL1000



  • Brand: WoodBridge
  • Item Dimensions: ‎28.5 x 14.5 x 27.5u0022
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Color: White
  • Style: One-Piece

Key Features

  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Hygienic Filtered Water
  • Posterior Wash
  • Feminine Wash

WOODBRIDGE T-0008 bidet toilet combo is a one-piece and energy-saving mode design. The nozzle is made of stainless steel and it has a self-cleaning feature. To ensure user safety, it has an on/off sensor. The toilet has adjustable water pressure and it can supply unlimited warm water. This toilet is completely hygienic because it has Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, Pulsating Wash, Warm Air Dryer, Hygienic Filtered Water.

Do they make a combination toilet and bidet?

Yes, it is a combination of toilet and bidet. Generally, after using the toilet, the user uses toilet paper. But for the bidet, the user uses water. The water can be cold or warm, now most bidet manufacturers provide a feature that can supply on-demand warm water. After using the bidet, if users want then they can use toilet paper to wipe the water.

2. TOTO MW4463046CUMG#01 Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush

Editor’s Choice
61i4N+jq5ZL. AC SL1500

TOTO MW4463046CUMG#01


  • Brand: TOTO
  • Color: Cotton White
  • Item Dimensions: 27.56 x 15.56 x 29.56 inches
  • Material: Cotton
  • Shape: Elongated

Key Features

  • Rimless Design
  • On-Demand Warm Water
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Air Deodorizer

TOTO MW4463046CUMG#01 is a bidet toilet combo. It is a two-piece toilet, so it is easy to carry and install, single person can install it. The toilet has no rim, so scale doesn’t deposit on the bowl. Dynamax Tornado Dual-flush clean bowl with 0.8 and 1.0 gallons per flush. Five adjustable temperature, pressure controls with front and rear wash. On-demand unlimited warm water ensures your comfort and safety.

Toilet and Bidet

3. VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090S Smart Bidet Toilet, One Piece

Best Overall
71JfulcGwlL. AC SL1500



  • Brand: VOVO
  • Item Dimensions: 28.3 x 16.1 x 21 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: ‎114.8 pounds

Key Features

  • Automatic Dual Flush
  • Heated Seat
  • Warm Water
  • Warm Air Dryer

VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090S is a smart bidet toilet, it has an automatic water-saving flushing system that can differentiate small flush and full flush detecting the time the user has been seated. It needs 1.2 gallons water per flush with 35 PSI. It has posterior and feminine flush. The feminine flush is completely hygienic for pregnant women. Auto deodorizers neutralize the bathroom odor.

4. WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Dual Toilet Intelligent Smart Bidet Seat

Best Design
81hreD68EuL. AC SL1500



  • Color: White
  • Item Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 26 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎114.8 pounds

Key Features

  • Auto Open and Closed
  • Automatic Flush
  • Air Purification
  • Instant Warming Comfort

WOODBRIDGE B-0960S bidet toilet is looking elegant with adjustable water pressure. On-demand ultimate hygienic filtered warm water supply. It has three types of wash a. posterior wash, b. feminine wash, and c. pulsating wash. The air purification system automatically neutralizes the bathroom unpleasant odors.  

5. ZunFeo Smart Bidet Toilet Dual Flush Remote Control

Best Budget
415DGWZEfOS. AC SL1024

ZunFeo Smart Bidet Toilet


  • Brand: ZunFeo  
  • Color: White  
  • Bowl Type: Elongated  
  • Piece: One-Piece Toilet

Key Features

  • Automatic Flushing
  • Feminine was
  • Air Purification
  • Instant Hot Water.

Hand-free flush system activates when the user leaves the toilet with several adjustable water pressure and water temperature. Air Purification system eliminates the unpleasant odor, to eliminate odor, it inhales the air and passes the ionized carbon filter. Since the hot water is filtered, it is hygienic for feminine wash. It has LCD Screen which displays real-time use of the various functions.

6. EPLO Smart Toilet Multi Function Remote Control – Warm Air Dryer and Heated

Best Air Purification
5172wC44jJL. AC SL1012

EPLO Smart Toilet


  • Brand: EPLO
  • Color: White
  • Item Dimensions: 27.2 x 16.1 x 19 inches
  • Material: Ceramic, Plastic
  • Item Weight: 83 Pounds

Key Features

  • Multi-Mode Washing
  • Off-Seat Flushing
  • Foot Sensing Flushing
  • Led Night Light.

EPLO is a one-piece electric compact toilet, the seat is heated, ultra-thin design so it is suitable for most bathrooms. Toilet material is high-quality, so the toilet is long-lasting. The LCD screen displays the seat temperature, water temperature. Users can control it with the remote and side button. Both of them are more convenient. LED night light, Soft-close, Foot sensing flushing, and Off-seat flushing are the most amazing features of this toilet.

7. Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet

Best Technology
51+8cbLML6L. AC SL1000

Toto MS920CEMFG#01


  • Brand: TOTO
  • Color: Cotton White
  • Item Dimensions: 28.62 x 15.37 x 26.93 inches
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Item Weight: 102.01 Pounds

Key Features

  • Five Settings for Water Pressure
  • Soft Rear Cleanse
  • Wand Cleaning Mode
  • Wand Position Adjustment

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 has Dual-Max 3D Tornado Flush with 0.9 and 1.28 gpf. The nozzle has self-cleaning feature, it washes itself before and after every wash. Rear, Rear Soft, and Front these three types of washing systems provide you ultimate comfort. Deodorizer function effectively cleans the unpleasant odor. The dimensions are 28.62 x 15.37 x 26.93 inches and the weight is 102.01 Pounds.

Bidet Toilet

People Questions

How do you dry your butt after using a bidet?

To dry out your butt you can use Dry Air feature if the feature is available. It flows the dry air that absorbs the water from user butt. If this feature doesn’t available then you can use the toilet paper.

Closing Thoughts

TOTO is the famous brand for Bidet Toilet combo. Their toilets have advanced technology and features. This toilet is one of the latest toilets of this brand. It has dual-flush system, for the liquid, it needs 0.8 gpf and for the solid, it needs 1 gpf only. The air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors with powerful filters and the system is completely automatic. And also on-demand warm water supply is unlimited.

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